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Cas Series

S20 E20

S20 E20 (14 Jan 06) : Crossing the Line by Ming Ho

Episode Summary

Guppy is in a terrible state. Jas soils his bed and blames Guppy for his degradation because he wouldn’t help him to die. Guppy pleads with Harry to help. Harry is initially resistant, but finds himself agreeing to kill Jas. Later, Harry gets a call and his face darkens. He has to tell Guppy that Jas has suffocated himself with a plastic bag. Guppy is distraught and blames Harry.

Bruno has a pang of conscience when he realises the prescription pad he is selling to a young man is going to be used to fuel his grandmother’s dangerous drug dependency. He decides to refuse to sell it to the man, until he is blackmailed.

A man, Daniel, is furious when his sister, Karen, meets up with their estranged father, Martin, at a restaurant. An argument ensues outside the restaurant and Martin is pushed into the way of an uncoming van.

Meanwhile Ellen gives a reluctant Nina a lift to work and they come across the accident scene. Ellen sticks up for Nina when the crowd suggest she could do more. Selena congratulates Ellen on her quick work with Martin at the scene of the accident, but Ellen gives all the credit to Nina. Martin faces his arm being amputated, while Daniel struggles with his past demons.

Dee Bradford is brought into the ED, with her boyfriend Kenny, after collapsing at the airport. She is suffering kidney failure and reveals to Harry she doesn’t want to go through dialysis or a third transplant operation. Kenny is angry and hurt that she has given up hope. Eventually Dee decides to continue with her treatment but on two conditions.


* Dee Bradford – kidney failure.

* Martin Sambrook – hit by a van.

* Daniel Sambrook – arm injury.

* Old lady – arm injury, drug dependancy.

Notable Facts

* Philip Middlemiss (Corrie) plays Kenny Bradshaw .

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* After Guppy first asks Harry to help his father, he refuses saying ‘This is utter madness!’

* Jas feels smug when he is told Harry will be helping him, ‘I like it – the great Harry Harper putting his career on the line for me!’

* Harry changes his mind after treating Dee and repeats a quote she has told him. ‘Life’s a gift’. Although he pities Jas’ situation he is angry at what he has done to Guppy, ‘You have put inhumane pressure on that boy.. I feel really sorry for you, but I’m not going to let you bully me or Guppy’ – it’s after that final meeting, that Jas is later found to have commit suicide.

* Getting back to his roots, DJ Kenny plays ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet in reception for his partner, Dee.

* Guppy is devestated by his father’s suicide, ‘This is the worst absolute end.’

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