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1.09 Moonlight Becomes You – 8/11/86

S1 E9 (8 Nov 86) : Moonlight Becomes You by Ray Brennan

Episode Summary

Paramedic Andy, has spent the night with Sandra Mute. As they get ready for work, she reminds him he’s a married man. Clive and Charlie make fun of Duffy, who’s failed her driving test after crashing into a pedestrian bollard. Duffy argues with Kuba about the untidiness of the store room – Megan tells her to give him a break, as he works hard.

An old man, Harry, is brought in from a home. Baz says he hasn’t got long left. His four old friends, Arthur, Ernie, Mike and Lagger, steal the home’s minibus to travel to see him. As Kuba is wheeling to another was, he stops to deal with a Polish woman who has slipped over in the corridor. As he returns to Harry – he has gone – Kuba worries because of the ‘full moon’. But his friends have taken him into the toilets. They help him dress and shave, to look his best for a lady friend, Mrs Eccles, but he dies before she sees him.

An athletic young man, Marvin, complains of leg pain, saying he injured it playing judo. He won’t let any woman investigate, and tells Duffy to ‘piss off’. When Clive sees him, he reveals to have a boil on his bum. Baz treats him, while Duffy and Susie come in to make fun of him.

A drunk teenager is brought in after a party, she is sick over Megan. She refuses to talk, then it’s discovered it’s Ewart’s daughter, Gillian. She is upset about how distant her family has become.

Ponting and Mute pick up a man who has crashed his car. Baz discovers he has been shot in his chest, and he dies. Sergeant Brenner tells them the police shot him after he held up a shop. As the paramedics are taking him to hospital, they are obstructed by a car full of jeering skinheads. The car crashes into a skip – they all flee apart from one of them, who’s injured his arm. The paramedics take him in too, Ponting has to be restrained after nearly attacking him.

Baz talks to Megan about Megan’s hysterectomy.


* Harold Lowell – old man, dies before his lady friend gets to see him.

* Marvin Osbourne, athlete with boil on his bum.

* Armed robber, dies, he is picked up after crashing his car, he also has a shot in his chest.

* Youth, who after obstructing an ambulance, hurts his arm after crashing into a skip.

* Gillian Plimmer – Ewart’s daughter, is brought in after too much drink.

* Man with twisted ankle, Ernie, chats with other 4 old men.

* Women seen being plastered after a broken arm.

* Boy comes in with his Mum, after spraining his ankle playing rugby.

First Scene/words

Moonlight sky, then we see the armed robber, in his car – he looks in pain, we then move to Sandra Mute’s house – she is brushing her hair, Andy is with her;

Ponting : I’ve always loved Mondays because of school.. I’ve never liked weekends, maybe I’m weird.

Sandra : Mmm!

Last Scene/words

Ewart is with Gillian in a cubicle, she is asleep, he strokes her hair;

Ewart : We’ll talk, everything will be so much better, it’ll be alright, we’ll talk now.. it’ll be alright.

Notable Facts

* Kuba has been working at A&E 9 years.

* The old men come from ‘Twilight Residential Care Home plc’

* Mrs Eccles come from ‘Beaver Way Ladies Home’, the men ask Susie to contact her.

* Charlie is in a snooker team, he asks Baz to join him on Thursday, but she says she is having dinner with an old friend.

Screencaps : S1 E9

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