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1.03 Night Runners – 20/9/86

S1 E3 (20 Sep 86) : Night Runners by Matthew Bardsley

Episode Summary

As Baz arrives late into the department, she first has to certify the death of a young girl.

It’s football day – Holby v Tottenham. A 16 year old boy is picked up, wrongly accused of attacking a policeman. He is discharged from the hospital, where he later returns with his deranged father – it turns out he attacked the policeman and his son. He threatens staff with a Stanley knife.

Tuesday, a young woman, is brought in by her boyfriend, Steve. She has appendicitis and needs an operation – but she is a Christian Scientist and refuses to sign the consent form. Megan asks the staff to pray for her, and miraculously her pain is cured.

Baz has a new boyfriend, Charles, who has taken her out to dinner, after ringing her many times at work, he appears at the hospital and tries to kiss her in a cubicle – she is not happy after a stressful shift.


* Jasmine Sharp – 14, dead on arrival with head injuries. She was wearing roller skates, which read ‘Return to Jasmine Sharp or else’.

* Two football fans, one with a cut hand – Duffy asks them to help her with her driving test.

* A Constable policeman receives lacerations after an attack, believed to be the fault of 16 year old Kevin Blackwell, who has a broken arm, but it was the result of an argument with his father, Roy.

* Christian Scientist, Tuesday – with appendicitis pain, which luckily cleared up.

* A woman with food poisoning

* Regular old woman, Winnie, with a fracture to her leg.

First Scene/words

We see cars, hear the ambulance siren, and then see it coming up through the town. Baz and new boyfriend are coming out of restaurant;

Baz : C’mon (giving him money towards dinner)

Charles : No I’d like to

Baz : OK thanks

Last Scene/Words

Kevin’s father is held down by the male members of staff.

Roy : (spits at Clive) Black #######! (Clive looks fed up)

Notable Facts

* In the football – Holby v Tottenham. Tottenham win 3-1. Holby’s colours are blue and white.

* Duffy tells us she is having her driving test next week.

* Kuba and Ewart both reveal to having younger brothers. Ewart says of his, ‘he’s 47, looks in his 30’s and acts in his 20’s’.

* The song ‘Boys are Back in Town’ play in Roy’s car.

* Ewart was seen reading a magazine on ‘World Hospitals’. He is also known for making great hot chocolate.

* Winnie is racist towards Clive, she bites him, so he leaves her to stew in a corridor – Baz later gives him a warning.

Screencaps : S1 E3

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