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Cas Series

2.09 Seeking Heat – 7/11/87

S2 E9 (7 Nov 87) : Seeking Heat by Ray Brennan & Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

Ewart has been to his and Roz’s divorce hearing – Ewart is left with nothing. He tells Elizabeth over dinner, and she tells him she was there, as she wanted to see what Roz looked like. Karen and Cyril both pass their exams, but Karen reveals her plans to leave nursing and go to London. Charlie tells her she’s doing the right thing, as he’s too late to change, but says he’s also going to London for a job interview as Clinical Manager. He says he’ll miss her and they kiss.

There’s a massive explosion in a block of flats, caused by a woman, Pauline, on the ground floor, who asked a man to bring a homemade bomb around, which she accidentally lets off. Also in the flats are a couple, Neal and Jenny, and their friend, Scott (who fancies Jenny). Duffy and Mary are called out – Mary is nervous as it’s her first call out. Duffy’s frosty relationship with Mary thaws, when Mary scrambles through the wreckage to treat a man in the rubble, found alive by a heat seeking camera. Mary nearly falls through the floorboards but is saved by the fireman. They take him to casualty, where he can only be identified from a denim jacket he is wearing. Scott’s parents are brought in, where Ewart asks if the coat was his – it is, and they are elated that he is alive, but later the staff find out it was Neal who’s alive – and was wearing Scott’s jacket. Megan is shocked, at facing telling them their son is infact dead.

An elderly woman is also injured in the blast, is brought in. Her son, Wayne, shouts at Megan, because she’s Irish and is therefore responsible for the IRA. Kuba and Charlie take him away, Megan gets upset and is comforted by Ewart – she tells him all of her problems.

And a man, Mr Wright, is also brought in suffering with constipation – Mary dismisses his problem as not serious.


Many injured and dead from flat explosion including;

* Neal -survives but seriously ill.

* Jenny (Neal’s fiancée) and Scott (their friend) both die.

* Pauline Harris and the bomber – also both die.

* Mrs Davidson – elderly woman, injured and in shock.

* Young boy, Paul – injured, blinded.

* Mr Wright – comes in with constipation.

First scene/words

Neal and Scott in red car

Neal : Ready?

Scott : You’re crazy, Neal, this is a wind up isn’t it?

Neal : No, not this time, I’m gonna do it

Scott : I can’t believe you’re doing this and I’m helping you. I must want my friggin’ head examined.

Neal : I’m gonna do it (they go into jewellers)

Last Scene/words

Megan : Oh dear God no!

Duffy : What’s the matter?

Megan : Well he must’ve borrowed the jacket, oh no… (She looks at Scott’s parents who are happy after being told that their son is alive, when he infact he isn’t)

Notable Facts

* Christopher Ellison (Burnside of ‘The Bill’ fame) plays Wayne Davidson, whose mother is brought in.

* The bomb went of in Caverner Road.

* Karen got 83% in her exams, Cyril got ’60 something’.

* Ted comes in to give out invitations for his and Megan’s anniversary party.

* Ewart was married for 23 years.

* Megan has been a nursing 17 years.

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