2.09 Seeking Heat – 7/11/87

S2 E9 (7 Nov 87) : Seeking Heat by Ray Brennan & Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

Ewart has been to his and Roz’s divorce hearing – Ewart is left with nothing. He tells Elizabeth over dinner, and she tells him she was there, as she wanted to see what Roz looked like. Karen and Cyril both pass their exams, but Karen reveals her plans to leave nursing and go to London. Charlie tells her she’s doing the right thing, as he’s too late to change, but says he’s also going to London for a job interview as Clinical Manager. He says he’ll miss her and they kiss.

There’s a massive explosion in a block of flats, caused by a woman, Pauline, on the ground floor, who asked a man to bring a homemade bomb around, which she accidentally lets off. Also in the flats are a couple, Neal and Jenny, and their friend, Scott (who fancies Jenny). Duffy and Mary are called out – Mary is nervous as it’s her first call out. Duffy’s frosty relationship with Mary thaws, when Mary scrambles through the wreckage to treat a man in the rubble, found alive by a heat seeking camera. Mary nearly falls through the floorboards but is saved by the fireman. They take him to casualty, where he can only be identified from a denim jacket he is wearing. Scott’s parents are brought in, where Ewart asks if the coat was his – it is, and they are elated that he is alive, but later the staff find out it was Neal who’s alive – and was wearing Scott’s jacket. Megan is shocked, at facing telling them their son is infact dead.

An elderly woman is also injured in the blast, is brought in. Her son, Wayne, shouts at Megan, because she’s Irish and is therefore responsible for the IRA. Kuba and Charlie take him away, Megan gets upset and is comforted by Ewart – she tells him all of her problems.

And a man, Mr Wright, is also brought in suffering with constipation – Mary dismisses his problem as not serious.


Many injured and dead from flat explosion including;

* Neal -survives but seriously ill.

* Jenny (Neal’s fiancée) and Scott (their friend) both die.

* Pauline Harris and the bomber – also both die.

* Mrs Davidson – elderly woman, injured and in shock.

* Young boy, Paul – injured, blinded.

* Mr Wright – comes in with constipation.

First scene/words

Neal and Scott in red car

Neal : Ready?

Scott : You’re crazy, Neal, this is a wind up isn’t it?

Neal : No, not this time, I’m gonna do it

Scott : I can’t believe you’re doing this and I’m helping you. I must want my friggin’ head examined.

Neal : I’m gonna do it (they go into jewellers)

Last Scene/words

Megan : Oh dear God no!

Duffy : What’s the matter?

Megan : Well he must’ve borrowed the jacket, oh no… (She looks at Scott’s parents who are happy after being told that their son is alive, when he infact he isn’t)

Notable Facts

* Christopher Ellison (Burnside of ‘The Bill’ fame) plays Wayne Davidson, whose mother is brought in.

* The bomb went of in Caverner Road.

* Karen got 83% in her exams, Cyril got ’60 something’.

* Ted comes in to give out invitations for his and Megan’s anniversary party.

* Ewart was married for 23 years.

* Megan has been a nursing 17 years.


2.14 Burning Cases – 12/12/87

S2 E14 (12 Dec 87) : Burning Cases by Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin

Episode Summary

Moody paraplegic, Tom, has an argument with his wife, Sophie, and locks himself in the bedroom, where he sets the curtains on fire. Sophie calls a neighbour and they rush to save him – he suffers burns to his hands and is taken to a ward. Sophie tells Mary she can’t cope any longer, and that she’s been seeking comfort with his best friend. Tom apologises to her, but it’s too late.

An old lady, Joyce, falls downstairs after trying to answer the phone. She bangs next door, until her neighbour comes round and sees her lying there, through the letter box. They take her to casualty where Megan attends to her – she puts up the safety bar up and Keith the other. As Megan goes to call a doctor, Joyce falls after reaching for the bell she dropped on the floor, and the safety bar is down. She dies, and Megan is unsure if she put the bars up and fears she will be blamed.

A woman is complaining of serious pains. Mary and Ewart argue, as Ewart thinks she is faking it to get drugs but Mary disagrees. Later on, Ewart is proved to be right.

Ewart has a mild heart attack while seeing to a builder, who needs stitches, and is sent to CCU. Elizabeth and Roz both arrive to see him, and it’s the first time they’ve met – but they are civil.

After ringing Duffy constantly at work, Peter turns up at A&E drunk. He tells Duffy he’s resigned and wants to start a business in California, Duffy again refuses to come.


* Tom Bernard – paraplegic who locks himself in room and starts a fire – burns to hand and face.

* Joyce Arthur – old lady, falls downstairs – wrist and pelvic injuries. At A&E, she falls of bed, which leads to her death.

* Woman, faking stomach pains to get drugs.

* Woman – wrist injury, complaining about having to wait so long.

* Man – leg injury after playing football.

* Builder – stitches in knee, after stone falls on him.

First Scene/words

Woman : No, over the counter, it works lovely for my Tracey, teaspoon at bedtime and she sleeps like a log.

Woman : Mmm I’ll have to get something like that…

Woman : Very good. (knocks on flat door)

Last Scene/words

Duffy : No, that was ITU, the old lady who fell of the trolley, she’s just died.

Megan : What’s happened?

Duffy : Mrs Arthur, she’s died. Come on, it wasn’t your fault Megan. It wasn’t your fault… (Megan looks shocked)

Notable Facts

* Elizabeth’s car is grey, D645 CNH.

* Sophie has been married to Tom since she was 20, she is now 27.


3.05 Burn Out – 7/10/88

S3 E5 (7 Oct 88) : Burn Out by Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

Shirley has problems at home, she gets annoyed with Keith’s permanent happy outlook. Nurse Alison is off sick.

Megan’s school teacher friend, Patty, is brought in with septic shock, from the facial plastic surgery she received after being attacked by pupils.

A young pregnant squatter, Cindy, is in labour. Keith and Shirley deliver her baby girl in the ambulance. Cindy says she doesn’t want her.

Ewart has approached General Manager, Major Franklin, behind Valerie’s back, and wins back the Observation ward. Valerie is annoyed at him for going over her head.

Tony Price, a junkie, comes in, wanting clean needles. David reluctantly gives them and tries to advise him.

And a man comes in with an infected thumb, he is annoyed at the service he is getting. Megan, who has been heading towards crisis, shouts at him and breaks down. Ewart takes her to his office, where she tells him her troubles – Ewart comforts her. He then visits his beloved Observation ward, while there he collapses with a second heart attack. Megan finds him and attempts mouth to mouth. The CRASH team are called up, but all efforts fail, Ewart dies.


* Patty Freeman – school teacher, David diagnoses septicemia from her facial plastic surgery, which she had a week ago, after being thrown out of a window by pupils.

* Cindy – pregnant squatter, delivers a baby girl in the ambulance.

* Tony Price – regular junkie comes in for clean needles.

* Man – with infected thumb, complains about poor service.

* Mr Clark – fractured leg.

* Old women in Obs ward – witnesses Ewart’s heart attack.

First Scene/words

School, teacher walking, whistling. Patty tries to get into car.

Boy Kevin : Welcome back, Miss.

(Patty arrives home)

Husband Jerry: Hail fair maiden! What happened?

Patty : Turn the music off!

Last Scene/words

Women doctor : No ascistily (Megan looks over, doctor shakes her head, she goes back to elderly patient in Obs ward) Atropine, 360 again.. ok standby.. come on Ewart!

Megan: (comforting patient, stroking her hair) It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright..

Notable Facts

* Patty works at Garth Comprehensive School. Her husband is a journalist, Jerry. She had plastic surgery done privately by Dr Beecham.

* Megan lives at Flat No. 130.


3.10 Caring – 4/11/88

S3 E10 (4 Nov 88) : Caring by Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

Kuba is moody and snaps at Sadie – he’s worried about losing his job. A leukemia victim, Bill Potter, takes an overdose during the final weeks of his life, he dies, and Duffy tells his distraught wife, Lucy. David wants to keep her in, fearing she is suicidal, but she goes home.

An arthritic man, Kevin Forbes, is brought in by his brother, Robert. He’s suffering from hemotemosis – side effects from a drug prescribed by his GP. Kevin dies, and David discovers the GP is their own new Locum Med Reg, Dr Roth.

A retired couple, both former doctors, arrive. The lady, Mrs Patent, has collapsed. David diagnoses a rectal carcinoma, which she has hidden from her husband, Richard, because of her fears that it is cancer. David sees her in the morning, and he discusses his future, hoping to work in paediatrics.

An old lady, Mrs Dulrimple, is brought in after scalding her hand while boiling her handkerchiefs. David shocks her when he reveals the night water she has been drinking contains alcohol – when she believed she had been sober for many years.

And Cyril has trouble with walkabout punk, Tony, who has a cut head and chest infection – he is also starving, so Cyril gets him some food.

Cyril and Alison are planning their house warming party the following Saturday. Megan reveals to Sadie her marriage problems – when she told Ted she was moving to Cheltenham, he didn’t sound keen. As Charlie changes Valerie’s bandage, he asks her for dinner on Friday, before being called away. At the end of shift, she teases him, before accepting. And the staff have a wheelchair race round the ward – Shirley wins.


* Mrs Dulrimple – old lady with scalded hand.

* Bill Potter – bed ridden with leukemia, overdoses and dies on opium on his final weeks of life.

* Kevin Forbes – arthritic man with hemotemesis, dies..

* Mrs Patent – retired doctor with rectal carcinoma.

* Tony – a punk with cut head and chest infection.

First Scene/words

Man : You’re very impressive but I’m using another non steroidal on patients with diagnosis, and I can’t see from what you’ve shown me that there’s any difference between them

W : Ted Rex

M : Yes

Last Scene/words

David : Changes every week, at the moment it’s Paediatrics.

Kuba : OK OK Kuba Trzcinski accept.

Kiran : OK let’s burn rubber! (wheelchair race)

Alison : Sorry David, you’re needed.

Sadie : Ready, get set, go go go!

Notable Facts

* Clive Mantle (Mike Barratt) plays Robert Forbes, the brother of patient Kevin, who dies.


1.01 Gas – 6/9/86

S1E1S1 E1 (6 Sep 86) : Gas by Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin

Episode Summary

At the Holby Docks, a drum of toxic gas falls on two dockers – one dies and the other suffers a badly burnt leg. Other workers are also poisoned. The team try to identify the substance – Kuba recognises the symptoms from a previous case, because of it’s smell of garlic. At the end of shift the staff congratulate him for saving lives and give him a bunch of flowers, as his were stolen.

Duffy advises a young girl, Sophie, to drink milk after drinking car fluid from her fathers garage. The girl’s mum is interfering and scares Sophie, telling her that ‘nurse has got a needle.’

A stubborn man is being treated by Charlie after being hit on the head with a golf ball. He is not happy with his treatment and says he will complain to Charlie’s boss. Charlie tells the man that he’s his own boss. The man then annoys Baz who pretends that the man has something wrong with him for a joke. When he demands an apology, she tells him to shut up.

Ewart and Susie also have trouble with a regular drunk in the department.


* Oil rigs – before the disaster a docker comes in with a burnt hand. After the accident, 7 dockers are injured, including John Price, who dies in CRASH, and Robert Palmer, who has a severely burnt leg.

* Sophie Jones – young girl, who has been playing in her dad’s garage and drank car fluid.

* Mr Cartwright – gashed head. Complains to Charlie and Baz about the poor service he has received.

* Mr Harris – regular drunk, who wanders around the department causing a disturbance.

First Scene/words

The first scene shows the docks, with the men at work. It moves on to Charlie driving his car to hospital – showing the sites of ‘Holby’. In Holby Reception;

Nurse : (to Susie) Night

Susie : (to Nurse) Night

Duffy : (to Nurse) Night (to Susie) What you done to it this time? (referring to hair colour)

Susie : It’s aubergine, like it?

Duffy : Very nice… that’s a vegetable innit?

Last scene / words

Staff Room; Charlie presents Kuba with flowers

Charlie : And on behalf of my colleagues, I’d like to thank you for finding the chemical and saving lives (staff clap)

Kuba : They are beautiful!

Charlie : Yeah, nicked them from a bed in Lawson’s ward!

(everyone laughs, but Kuba looks disapprovingly)

Notable Facts

* Graham Cole appears as a doctor extra

* Charlie’s first car is a yellow beetle, WBF 589T.

* Baz’s first car is red, A634 GKY.

* The first music to play is Billy Ocean’s ‘Loverboy’, which played on Charlie’s car radio, on his way to work.

* Charlie’s star sign is Taurus

* The case Kuba referred to was farm laborer poisoned in 1979, by the toxin parofyin.

* Duffy reveals to Ewart, she has just been dumped by her boyfriend ‘Cesar’.

* Megan gossips in the staff room, saying Ewart listens to ‘Richard Claderman – Moody Moments’ on his walkman.

* A police sergeant tells Ewart in confidence that Clive has had two drink driving offences.

* Danni Bennett, an old school friend of Baz, was in charge at the docks, and is held responsible for the incident – she is arrested by police.

Screencaps : S1 E1


1.02 Hide and Seek – 13/9/86

S1E2S1 E2 (13 Sep 86) : Hide and Seek by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin

Episode Summary

A young girl, Jackie, phones for an ambulance, after her step sister, Debbie, falls from a bridge, near a railway line. She suffers head injuries, and needs an operation with consent, but the team find it hard getting Jackie to speak. Eventually she tells Clive.

A woman, Ruth White, turns up in Reception with a baby – Susie says she looks odd. Ruth overhears and heads for the toilets, with a pair of scissors. It turns out she snatched the baby earlier from it’s mother, and she threatens to stab the baby. Baz tries to handle the situation calmly, but the baby is already dead.

Megan criticises Baz for allowing a pregnant mother who wants her baby induced for convenience, to be admitted. A man, Jonathan, is relieved to find that his pains are muscle spasms, not a heart attack that he first feared. But he is afraid his friend, Richard, will make fun of him, so Charlie gives him a fake prescription.

A DHSS Inspector catches the team unaware, as he arrives for a visit – he is not impressed – he is left alone with Kuba, who reveals bad stories about the hospital. Ewart’s wife, Roz, arrives at the end of shift – she has brought a suitcase of his belongings – their marriage his over.


* Jackie Clarke, and her step sister, Debbie who fell over a bridge. She has head injuries and a ruptured spleen. She was upset and ran away after she overheard Jackie’s father didn’t love her.

* Ruth White, who snatched a baby – who died of hypothermia.

* Mrs Pearce, pregnant woman, wants inducement for convenience as it doesn’t fit in ‘with her holiday plans’.

* Jonathan, a man with suspected heart problems, turned out to be muscle spasms.

* Phil and Rosey Jessop – an argumentative couple, Rosey has a broken wrist after a row they had – they continue to argue in the plaster room.

* Mrs Rashid – cut ear

* Old lady, drink driving in a Morris Minor – needs stitches

First Scene/words

A girl runs under a bridge.

Last Scene/words

Duffy and Susie are walking home

Duffy : What’s Ewart going to do?

Susie : It’s awful, what’s he going to do without her?

Duffy : I’d have him I think he’s gorgeous!

Susie : He’s 30 years older than you!

Duffy : He’s got lovely eyes

Susie : Leave him alone!

Duffy : Don’t be stupid, I’m only joking, night night

Susie : Night night

Notable Facts

* Charlie gives a fake prescription to Jonathan, ‘pectoritis’ – take 2 tablets a day to live – miss one and die!

* Charlie recently had a girlfriend called Liz, but they split up

* There is a talking green toy parrot in the staff room, Kuba calls it ‘Margha’.

* The DHSS Inspector is called Bob Bates.

Screencaps : S1 E2


1.13 No Future – 13/12/86

S1 E13 (13 Dec 86) : No Future by Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

Megan, convalescing at home, is woken early by the police holding a siege next door. Her neighbour, John, dying of cancer, has locked himself in his shed and says he has a child hostage – he asks for the press. Megan talks him into coming out (there is no child), as he comes out, he collapses, and they take him to hospital. He tells Megan, his cancer was caused by an atom bomb test that he took part in after the war, and their children also suffer eye damage. He urges her to take his proof letters, and report it to the press. He asks for his wife, who he’s separated from, and his daughter, to visit him – but he dies before they arrive. Baz tells them the bad news.

Baz gives herself a pregnancy test and avoids a suspicious Charlie, who can see she is very upset. The rest of the staff realise Charlie and Baz have been having an affair, and all gossip. Kuba also tells Charlie about his non-existent love life. Clive tells Charlie off for leaving the keys by the drugs cupboard.

A Dutch man, Piet, crashes his Mercedes, when he has pains in his chest. He asks Anna, who’s with him, to call 999, which she reluctantly does. He dies of thrombosis and blood clots. Ewart is suspicious, when Anna leaves and fails to give her address, and asks DI Potter to check the car. They find heroin under the car, realising he was a drug dealer. Ewart finds a packet of matches, that Anna left, with the hotel name on it, he goes to try and find her, but the police follow him. Anna, destroys Peet’s passport and in disguise walks out, Ewart thinks he sees her, but lets her go.

A Regular old woman, Winnie, returns looking for Charlie – she is lonely and asks Charlie for a hug – she leaves happy.

Clive also treats a man who has overdosed to get the attention of a lady friend, who he thinks doesn’t love him. Clive reminds him life is precious.

Ponting and Mute finally have a heated talk, after she returns from Wales. She denies writing the note, and says she felt guilty dating a married man.

Kuba spends his shift fixing a broken toilet.


* John Collee – neighbour of Megan, lives on his own and is dying of cancer. He collapses after staging a siege in his shed.

* Piet van der Hooek – Dutch drug dealer dies from thrombosis and blood clots.

* Regular old woman Winnie – Charlie gives her a hug – which is medicine enough for her!

* Man – overdoes on 25 paracetomols.

* Old man – Charlie stitches his hand

* Woman with post-natal depression collapses in bathroom, Baz is wary of treating her, after her pregnancy test.

* Baby who’s teething

* Duffy calls out a ‘Jack Tomlinson’

First Scene/words

Police clearing street away, dog wakes Megan up;

Megan : Rover! (looks out window) good dog, good dog…(sees them with guns pointing to shed)

Policeman1 : 1 to 1 to Foxtrot, we’re in position.

Policeman2 : Foxtrot to 143, understood.

Last Scene/words

Baz : (to Susie) How long has she been here?

Susie : She’s only just arrived, should I..

Baz : No, Miriam – hello, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you, Mr Collee just died, I’m very sorry (Megan looks over, and sees daughter who also has eye damage)

Notable Facts

* Baz picks up a pregnancy test, the box reads; ‘PREGNOSTICON PLANOTEST (20)’

* Charlie sits on the toilet, for a smoke – he flushes the toilet and it leaks over him (it’s the toilet Kuba broke)

* Police check Peet’s Mercedes and find 1 million pounds worth of heroin.

* Anna leaves a matches wrapper on Ewart’s desk, with ‘The Grand Hotel’ stamped on it.


1.15 Closure – 27/12/86

S1 E15 (27 Dec 86) : Closure by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin

Episode Summary

The staff hear the bad news; they are to be shut down in one month. They meet to discuss ways of gaining public support.

As Kuba is passing a warehouse on his bike, he witnesses a man, Bob, attacking another man, Lyndsey, with a baseball bat, after learning he has had an affair with his wife. He breaks up the fight, and Lyndsey is taken to hospital. Bob comes to the hospital, asking for Kuba, he cuts Kuba’s hand and threatens him so as he doesn’t tell the police. Ewart invites Kuba to spend New Year with him, for his own safety.

A missionary man, Mr Whitefinch, is brought in with suspected Lavassa fever, the hospital is evacuated, while the decontamination takes place. Charlie organises an impromptu pantomime to raise morale – they dress up in costumes and sing. Baz and Charlie exchange Christmas gifts.

As the axe falls on the department, Ewart and his manager look out the hospital window – they see all the staff (staged by Duffy and Susie) holding a demonstration.


* Lyndsey – attacked with baseball bat.

* Mr Whitefinch – suspected Lavassa fever.

* Mickey Jones – psychological problems – thinks he’s a Dr. Brought in after collapsing.

First Scene

Ewart is in his office using Dictaphone, Susie comes in and brings him a drink;

Ewart : If the board of management.. nah.. as the board of management (Susie enters) can find no alternative but to close down the permanent night shift. I must regard this as a vote of no confidence in A&E.

Susie : Your tea.

Ewart : Thanks.

Last Scene/words

Staff hold a demonstration on the hospital forecourts – Ewart looks down from the hospital window, and smiles;

Manager : This your idea?

Ewart : No!

Notable Facts

* Charlie has bought Baz for Xmas a three day break in France, she gets him a Rocky 4 video.

* Some of their costumes for the panto include Clive in a tutu, Charlie as a bear, and Ponting in a pink costume. They also sing ‘We’ll meet again’.

Screencaps : S1 E15


2.01 A Little Lobbying – 12/9/87

S2 E1 (12 Sep 87): A Little Lobbying by Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin

Episode Summary

The night shift has been closed for six months, with Ewart Plimmer’s A&E department being open from 9-5 only – with emergencies at all other times going to Queens Hospital. At a cocktail party to introduce the new General Manager, Elizabeth Straker, Ewart meets her, and they are already in conflict.

A single parent, Joyce, has to travel twice as far to Queens, when her young son swallows temazepan. Two youths messing about in a car, crash into a motorcyclist, Steve. They run off when the police arrive. Steve, however, dies and his father, Phil Baker, is told of the news. Ponting believes his life could’ve been saved if Holby nightshift was open.

Charlie, in his flat, which he has been sharing with Baz, goes to wake her up – but she’s gone. She’s left him a goodbye note, Charlie is devastated and cries. Susie has been unemployed for 8 months, Megan is working on a ward with pregnant women, and Duffy applies for a new job, as Senior Staff Nurse at Stevens Hospital – she gets it. Mute and Ponting continue their relationship.

Ewart holds a meeting at Megan’s house, in the hope of getting the night shift re-open. They want public support, and lobby and drop leaflets. Charlie holds a winning speech at the board meeting, and Ponting even tries to get his journalist cousin to write an article, but it backfires when she instead writes one on children with leukemia. They also get Joyce involved, and Ponting asks Paul Baker too – but he is too angry. The staff and public go to a DHA meeting, where the managers are deciding the night shift’s fate. They are chucked out after making too much noise. They wait in the pub, till Carol, the NUPE steward tells them the good news. They have a victory celebration, although Ted is not happy – he feels Megan cares more about her job. Duffy is lured back, and Dr Mary Tomlinson asks Ewart if she can be his new Casualty Officer.


* Joyce brings in her son, who she thinks has swallowed temazepan

* Steven Baker, motorcyclist – killed when he collides with two youths in a car

(Both go to Queens hospital)

First Scene/words

(We see a white car speeding down the road, we then see Joyce in her flat, with son, Eastenders in the background)

Joyce : (on phone) Hello.

Nurse : Queens Casualty, Sister speaking.

Joyce : I’m sorry to bother you, I think my baby might have swallowed some temazepan.

Nurse : How many tablets were there?

Joyce : I don’t know, they’re my husbands, the thing is I’m almost certain they were empty, because my husband would never have left them behind.

Nurse : Look, I think it’s important you bring your baby in…

Last Scene/words

Ewart : Do not smoke!

Megan : You’re being too serious, now drink that down, and come dance, come on…

(The staff all dance and Charlie smiles)

Notable Facts

* One of Megan’s sons is called Sam. (played by John Fletcher)

* The General Manager at Queens is called Paul Marshall.

* Charlie is woken up at 7am, by the radio playing Spandau Ballet.

* Charlie lives in a small house, No.9, with a yellow door.

* The meeting at Megan’s house is at 7.30pm.

Screencaps : S2 E1


2.04 Cry for Help – 3/10/87

S2 E4 (3 Oct 87) : Cry for Help by Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin

Episode Summary

It’s Ponting’s birthday, he tells Sandra that he loves her, but she says she can’t break up his marriage. Charlie is trying to give up smoking and Ewart attends a meeting with managers including Elizabeth, but he is bored and doesn’t pay attention.

Karen sees her first death, a man in CRASH with head and chest injuries, she is sick and cries – the staff comfort her.

A Polish man, Frank, electrocutes himself after trying to get through to Poland on his radio, he is taken to hospital with his worried wife, Hilda. They get on well with Polish porter, Kuba, and they even invite him over to dinner.

Two women, Country and Western fans, Crystal and Titch, fight in reception, while waiting for their friend. Crystal hurts her ankle and is taken up to the observation ward, where her friend Big Rob is already up there with head injuries. It gives her the chance to tell him, how much she likes him.

Duffy’s purse (with £50 in), Ewart’s walkman and Susie’s present to Andy are among things stolen in the department. Kuba discovers the thief to be an attention seeking old man, Mr Browning, who’s lonely since his wife died. He returns the items to Susie.

A suicidal medical student, Miles, threatens to jump from the top of a tall building. A fellow student, Bess, talks him down. As he is being driven to Casualty, a drunk already in the ambulance stabs Mute in the stomach, flings open the rear door and escapes. In Mute’s panic, she pulls out the knife in her chest. The team battle to save her in CRASH, but she dies. Ponting is devastated.


* Polish old man, Frank Goldman – electrocutes himself in his shed while listening to radio.

* Country and Western fan Crystal – after fight in reception, she sprains her ankle.

* Big Rob, friend of Crystal – with head injuries.

* Medical student, Miles – attempts suicide by nearly jumping off building – ends up driving ambulance to save Mute.

* Man who dies in CRASH with massive head and chest injuries – Karen is upset by his death.

* Old woman with fractured arm.

* Duffy calls out a ‘Mrs Rohampton’.

First Scene/words

Frank listening to radio in shed, Hilda goes in and calls his name, and the radio electrocutes him, she screams.

Last Scene/words

Charlie walks out of CRASH, and shrugs;

Ponting : No, don’t say it Charlie, don’t say it Charlie, no she’s a kid (repeating it crying) She’s a kid man, she’s only a kid, a kid…

Notable Facts

* U2 song ‘Without You’ plays

* Duffy brought in £50 as she was going to buy a leather jacket.

* Charlie has been without a cigarette for 48 hours.

* Miles lives at Lot 3, Ashcroft Halls, Holby.


2.06 Lifelines – 17/10/87

S2 E6 (17 Oct 87) : Lifelines by Jeremy Brock

Episode Summary

A group of cavers, Maggie, Guy, Bill and their leader, Jonno, go potholing in underground caves. Maggie suffers an epileptic fit while climbing a rope. She struggles and causes a rock to fall on Jonno. Bill calls for rescue, they take Jonno our first, who suffers a broken femur. Charlie is called out to rescue Maggie, and her boyfriend, Guy, who is very uptight. Charlie falls down a crevice, but is saved from any major injury. Outside Ponting waits for them, with a fellow caver, who tells him anecdotes of people who have died – he gets annoyed and shouts at him.

Richard Huggins come in with a head injury, which Duffy deals with. He is unhappy with the service. First Kuba accidentally bumps into him and then finds his wallet is missing and accuses Kuba, as he is foreign. The police are called and take statements. Kuba is upset, till later Richard comes in and says his wallet was found in a taxi – he doesn’t apologise properly.

A drunk man with a broken arm causes a disturbance, especially in the x-ray room, where the alarm is set off.

An Asian woman is brought in by her neighbour, Mr Khan, after suffering a miscarriage, which Mary believes was self induced. Six of her family come in, and Mary tells them the news.

Mary is unhappy about Duffy’s work as Acting Sister, and Duffy feels uneasy, they talk about it, finally, after lots of sniping during the shift, and Mary tells Charlie, that she was ‘brilliant’. Ewart argues with Elizabeth about hospital security, later on she plucks up the courage to ask him out for dinner, he accepts. Susie’s modelling snaps are used without her consent, and Cyril copies them and sends them to the staff for a laugh – Susie is not happy with him, or Leon (the photographer) either, and rings him up in the night to threaten him.

It’s Ponting’s final shift, as he goes to the Staff Room, he finds the staff have a surprise party for him. They sing, shower him with streamers and give him a tankard as a present.


* Maggie – has fit while climbing a rope ladder.

* Jonno – Maggie knocks on a rock which falls and hits him, suffers a broken femur.

* Richard Huggins – head injury.

* Asian woman – miscarriage, believed to be self induced.

* Woman – with spider in her ear.

* Mr Taylor – drunk with a broken arm, causes a disturbance.

* Woman – DOA after being run over.

First Scene/words

Van with cavers, driving along country road;

Guy : Maggie! I was listening to that!

Maggie : You haven’t got a garden, Guy.

Guy : Well, I dunno, I’m planning on one (they hum songs)

Last Scene/words

Staff hold a farewell for Ponting, and cover him with streamers;

Andy : If it’s as cheap as this, what happened to the rest of the whip round! (laughs) Presents for long holiday, I’ll be in trouble, thank you very much.. no tears no tears, we’ll run out of kleenex, you’re crazy!

Notable Facts

* Dee Sadler (Derek Thompson’s partner) plays Maggie.

* Richard Huggins lives at 26 Dudgeridge Road.

* Poster of Susie is a photo of her lying on top of a car, with ‘Bargain – your for only £23 a day and a full tank.’

* Andy has been a paramedic 15 years.

* Elizabeth does yoga classes on Thursdays.