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Cas Series

2.04 Cry for Help – 3/10/87

S2 E4 (3 Oct 87) : Cry for Help by Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin

Episode Summary

It’s Ponting’s birthday, he tells Sandra that he loves her, but she says she can’t break up his marriage. Charlie is trying to give up smoking and Ewart attends a meeting with managers including Elizabeth, but he is bored and doesn’t pay attention.

Karen sees her first death, a man in CRASH with head and chest injuries, she is sick and cries – the staff comfort her.

A Polish man, Frank, electrocutes himself after trying to get through to Poland on his radio, he is taken to hospital with his worried wife, Hilda. They get on well with Polish porter, Kuba, and they even invite him over to dinner.

Two women, Country and Western fans, Crystal and Titch, fight in reception, while waiting for their friend. Crystal hurts her ankle and is taken up to the observation ward, where her friend Big Rob is already up there with head injuries. It gives her the chance to tell him, how much she likes him.

Duffy’s purse (with £50 in), Ewart’s walkman and Susie’s present to Andy are among things stolen in the department. Kuba discovers the thief to be an attention seeking old man, Mr Browning, who’s lonely since his wife died. He returns the items to Susie.

A suicidal medical student, Miles, threatens to jump from the top of a tall building. A fellow student, Bess, talks him down. As he is being driven to Casualty, a drunk already in the ambulance stabs Mute in the stomach, flings open the rear door and escapes. In Mute’s panic, she pulls out the knife in her chest. The team battle to save her in CRASH, but she dies. Ponting is devastated.


* Polish old man, Frank Goldman – electrocutes himself in his shed while listening to radio.

* Country and Western fan Crystal – after fight in reception, she sprains her ankle.

* Big Rob, friend of Crystal – with head injuries.

* Medical student, Miles – attempts suicide by nearly jumping off building – ends up driving ambulance to save Mute.

* Man who dies in CRASH with massive head and chest injuries – Karen is upset by his death.

* Old woman with fractured arm.

* Duffy calls out a ‘Mrs Rohampton’.

First Scene/words

Frank listening to radio in shed, Hilda goes in and calls his name, and the radio electrocutes him, she screams.

Last Scene/words

Charlie walks out of CRASH, and shrugs;

Ponting : No, don’t say it Charlie, don’t say it Charlie, no she’s a kid (repeating it crying) She’s a kid man, she’s only a kid, a kid…

Notable Facts

* U2 song ‘Without You’ plays

* Duffy brought in £50 as she was going to buy a leather jacket.

* Charlie has been without a cigarette for 48 hours.

* Miles lives at Lot 3, Ashcroft Halls, Holby.

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