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HC Past Series

2.04 You Can Choose Your Friends – 16/12/99

S2 E4 (16 Dec 99) : You Can Choose Your Friends by Carol Noble

Episode Summary

Nick apologises to Karen for taking it too far at the party, and Karen remains silent. Nick is shocked when he receives a letter from Karen’s solicitor saying she wants a divorce. Karen says their marriage doesn’t exist anymore and she’s not sure if it ever did. Nick says he wants to try again after the happenings at the Christmas party and that he’s not just after the sex. Karen’s fed up of his excuses and says they don’t have a life together. Nick says that if he wanted to, he could refuse to sign the papers and Karen tells him not to make it worse than it already is.

Julie oversleeps after having spent a night with the builder she invited to the party, Chris. She asks Victoria if she’ll write her a prescription for the morning-after pill and Victoria agrees to do so, but not without giving Julie a lecture. Julie invites Chris round so she doesn’t need to leave Rosie, but Chris makes his excuses and has obviously been put off by the fact that Julie has a child.

Jasmine gets a letter from the trust offering her £500 to apologise for what’s happened, but refuses to take blame for the accident. Jasmine turns it down and Ray speaks to Meyer who confirms that Jasmine has been offered £500. Later, Jasmine finds out that she is to be offered £5000 and she thanks Ray, who suggests that Meyer is the one to thank. Jasmine then goes and thanks Meyer, who pretends he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Ray talks to a patient called Damien who is recovering from a heart attack. He has just been dumped by his boyfriend and he’s feeling very depressed. Ray tells Damien about his one serious relationship, but doesn’t mention if it was with a man or a woman. Ray agrees to see Damien some time as a friend.

Victoria is worried about the way Nick’s been treating her. Kirstie says that Nick is just intimidated by Victoria because he feels Meyer prefers her because of who her father is. Victoria says her father has always made her work by herself, and Kirstie says that she hasn’t spoken to her father for six years since her parents split up. Victoria persuades Kirstie to phone him, and she goes to do so but changes her mind.

Victoria makes a remark to Nick about the arguments he’s been having with Karen. Nick asks if she’s going to run back to Meyer and tell him so that Victoria looks better than him. They argue, and they call each other snobs. Nick says Victoria wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for her family connections, and Victoria denies using her father as an advantage. Nick says Victoria can’t cope without speed and Victoria comments that Nick knows she’s given it up and so his argument is useless. Nick says that she won’t be able to cope, and that if her father knew about her habit then she wouldn’t get help from her father and definitely wouldn’t cope.


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