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HC Past Series

7.50 All the Perfumes of Arabia – 27/9/05

Episode Summary

Jess struggles to cope with Paris, who will not stop crying. Later, Jess brings the baby into the hospital, telling Lola that Paris has been crying all day but then suddenly went quiet. Lola finds bruises on Paris’s body and wonders whether a desperate Jess has shaken her baby. When Zubin arrives, he also blames Jess but it is Ric who flatly refuses to believe Jess could harm Paris and urges more tests. They show that Paris’ blood isn’t clotting properly and that Jess is in no way to blame for his injuries. Connie operates on the baby and though he survives the operation, he deterorates in ITU and dies. Jess and Zubin are devestated. Ric and Connie also show their emotional feelings.

A patient, Joy Marshall, is transferred to Holby from another hospital by an old colleague of Michael’s, Sabine. Sabine reveals to Michael that Joy has the deadly VRSA virus and blackmails him into damming Holby’s reputation so as to get more patients for her own hospital. As Michael does his best to cover up his intentions, the VRSA virus is spread round the department.

Marion comes into the department with her daughter Fiona, who was a previous patient in the department. Marion has an enlarged thyroid gland and needs an operation when her condition worsens. Meanwhile, Fiona becomes ill on the ward and is moved into a private ward, which Joy has just been moved out from.

Elsewhere, teenager, Amy, comes into the family planning clinic wanting the ‘abortion pill’. She insists that she does not want a doctor as she is scared her doctor boyfriend will find out and threatens suicide if they don’t help her. Donna convinces Mickie that they should forge the forms. Mickie is also upset to learn that she did not get into medical school.


* Baby Paris – dies after blood clotting abnormality.

* Joy Marshall – VRSA patient. Claims she made up pains to stay in hospital, unaware she has the virus.

* Marion Dunn – enlarged thyroid gland.

* Fiona Dunn – chest infections.

* Amy Reynolds – 17 weeks pregnant. Asks for ‘abortion pill’.

Notable Facts

* Martin Hancock plays Reg Lund.

* Caroline Lee-Johnson plays Sabine Wyatt.

* Sara Stewart (SugarRush) plays paediatrician Kathryn MacKenzie.

* The music played during the last scene was ‘Host of Seraphim’ by Dead Can Dance.

* Michael spent the weekend with Chrissie but said to Connie he was at a conference.

* A contaminated £5 is shown to be transferred round the department. It goes from Joy to Tricia (gave her money for getting her magazines) to Donna (who asks Tricia to lend her money) to Lola (giving back money she owes her) to a nurse collecting money (donation) to Ric (getting change from collection box) to Chrissie.

* Connie has been urging staff to use new handwash, Zubin jokes in the operating theatre ‘It’s OK, Ric washed his hair in the alcohol gel!’. Ric adds ‘Zubin would’ve as well had he got any hair!’

* Amy angrily says to Donna ‘Just because you know all the postcodes in the chav areas of Holby, doesn’t mean you can see into my soul!’

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