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HC Past Series

S8 E40

Episode Summary

Jac is left in charge when Ric leaves her with no consultant cover. Jac relishes the opportunity and promptly argues with Joseph over the preferred treatment of a patient – eco-campaigner Mik, who is impaled after falling from a tree. When it turns out that Joseph was right, Jac has a new-found respect for him, but does she have stronger feelings than that?

Kerry returns to the hospital with her baby Leanne to see Lola. She hasn’t been taking her medication and Lola is upset when she collapses and they are unable to save her. When they cannot find proper care for Leanne overnight, Lola breaks all the rules and takes her home that evening.

Elsewhere, Reg and Donna fall out when Reg tries to warn her about what Bradley is really like. However, Donna is oblivious and accuses Reg of stirring things up.

An elderly lady, Hilda, is brought in after a fall. Her friend, Val, visits and we learn they are both after the same man. Val admits to have switched over people’s medication back at the nursing home, which leads to a number of residents being brought in unwell.


* Mik Cronin – impaled after falling from tree. Kidney damage.

* Hilda – leg injury.

* A number of resident from nursing home, following medication mix-up.

* Kerry Peters – dies.

Notable Facts

* Che Walker plays Pail Cronin.

* ‘Give me my lovely lab any day!’ Reg says.

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