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HC Past Series

S8 E25

Episode Summary

There is a meeting to discuss funding options and Connie champions her new ‘herzig’ procedure. When Nick gets the casting vote, he chooses Connie’s proposal in the hope of getting a Consultant job on the project.

Meanwhile, Sandra, who is a ‘herzig’ recipient, is still in hospital but recovering well. However when she later collapses outside, Connie discovers the herzig is infact working better than her body can cope with. When they realise she is not going to make it, Connie wakes her up so she can say one last goodbye to her children. Connie is devestated that she has failed to save her patient.

Funeral directors Gerald and Danny argue about selling their business. Danny decides to swallow the key which holds the deeds to stop the deal from going ahead. Danny faces an operation when they find he has a narrowing in his esophagus.

Nick and Ric both use underhand tactics to get Diane onside. Nick wins Diane round by letting her perform a difficult procedure for the first time and therefore saving patient, Danny. After the op Nick asks Diane out for a drink. Diane tells him she doesn’t think work relationships are a good idea, but says that once she starts the research job full-time they won’t technically be working together.

Elsewhere, Kyla brings Max into work as he is diabetic and his blood sugar reading is high. The stressful day gets to her and Justin sees a chance to make a move – they kiss briefly before Kyla backs off.

A man, Trey, is brought in with a fractured arm from coming off his bike. After an argument with Kyla, he goes missing. Kyla later discovers from his x-ray that he could become paralysed and rushes off to find him in time.


* Sandra Wilson – dies after herzig fails.

* Danny Jessop – swallows key, narrowing to esophagus.

* Max Tyson – diabetic.

* Trey Stone – fractured arm.

Episode Summary

* Nick says ‘Never trust a man with a perfect reputation’.

* Nick pays Matt £50 to write up Diane’s casenotes – when Ric finds out, he then offers him £60 to stop!.

* ‘It’s easy to get carried away with the promise’, Elliot tells and upset Connie.

* Sandra leaves Connie a video message which leaves her distraught.

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