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HC Past Series

S8 E23

Episode Summary

Donna meets a handsome physiotherapist called Justin, who turns out to be Kyla’s ex. Kyla warns Donna off him, but this doesn’t stop Donna from later agreeing to go on a date with him.

Elsewhere, [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] is recovering from his attack and [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] feels responsible. When Matt’s parents arrive and demand that he comes home with them, Mark tries to persuade him to stay at Holby. He later stands up to his parents, saying it’s the right thing for him to stay and learn to be independant.

[ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] is treating patient, Sandra, who is on the heart transplant list. Elliot is desperate to do his best for her, despite Sandra’s negative attitude. However, Joseph is also concerned that she is not fit for the heart transplant which has just become available to her and relays his concerns to Connie. Connie tells him to cancel the operation and re-delegate the heart, but Elliot continues with the operation. However when the heart is damaged in transit, Connie tells him they have no alternative but to procede with her revolutationary new procedure. The operation is a success, though Sandra’s happiness is marred by the news her husband has met someone else but is willing to stay with her out of pity.

To celebrate their anniversary, Elliot has bought expensive concert tickets for his wife, Gina. We learn why Elliot was so keen to help Sandra, when Gina is revealed to be terminally ill, though he is optimistic they would one day find a cure. Gina walks out of the recital when she feels she is causing a disturbance with her severe coughing.

Elderly man, Albert is brought in with his wife after a fall. Joseph discovers he has a benign tumour and needs an operation. Albert refuses and instead goes home with his wife being given instructions on how to give him his medication. However later in the week he is brought in with an arm injury. His wife is found to have accidentally given him too much of his medication. Donna eventually persuades Albert to have the operation.


* Sandra Wilson – heart operation.

* Albert Halliday – benign tumour, arm injury.

Notable Facts

* The episode is set over five days.

* Gillian Bevan plays Gina Hope.

* ‘Life can’t always be exciting,’ Kyla tells Donna. She replies ‘I’m not asking for always, just occasionally.’ just before she bumps into Justin.

* On one day, Elliot has his jumped on inside out, ‘My wife says it’s unlucky to turn it back.’ he says.

* ‘Look what the wind blew in,’ Kyla says on seeing Justin again.

* Matt refuses to go home with his parents, ‘I’ve got to make my own way,’ he tells them.

* When Connie learns Elliot didn’t cancel the transplant with the co-ordinators, she says ‘What your chubby little fingers ‘misdialled’?!’

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