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Cas Series

2.12 Fun Night – 28/11/87

S2 E12 (28 Nov 87) : Fun Night by Al Hunter

Episode Summary

Duffy tries to track down Peter, but the Police can’t help her. Ted takes Megan for a picnic in Cheltenham and shows her his garage, she’s not impressed

Susie reluctantly goes to a punk concert with her friend, where a punk falls on some glass. She drives the punk, who has a deep cut on his hand, to A&E, Kuba congratulates her.

Terry is angry at his ex-partner, Gayle’s boyfriend, Nigel, who beats her. He asks his brother, Jimmy, to attack him – and he stabs Nigel in the neck. Shortly after being seen in A&E, Nigel discharges himself and makes his way to the punk concert with his friend, where the brothers are. They stab Terry and then give chase to Jimmy, before stabbing him as well. Jimmy is picked up by a bus, who takes him to casualty where he dies. Nigel, who also goes back to A&E, is arrested for murder.

A regular, Anne-Marie, comes in pretending she’s in labour – she delivers a ‘baby’ (a pillow) in the staff room.

Ewart dines with Elizabeth and her daughter, Louise, who tells him she’s pregnant. Ewart advises abortion, making Elizabeth angry. Cyril wins a bet with Charlie, Kuba and Keith, that he could persuade antisocial Mary to have breakfast with him. Mary realises it’s a bet and chooses an expensive hotel and orders lots of food. Duffy finds out her HIV test was negative.


* Nigel Stevens – stabbed in neck by Jimmy.

* Terry Mullet – stabbed in chest by Nigel.

* Jimmy Mullet – stabbed in chest and back, by Nigel, and dies.

* Punk – falls on beer glass at punk concert, deep hand cuts.

* Anne-Marie – mentally unstable, think she’s in labour, ‘gives birth’ to a pillow.

First Scene/words

Man : Frosty

Man : Jimmy. good to see you. (Terry is watching them, talks to woman)

Terry : All alone an no-one to talk to eh?

Gayle : Terry, what the hell are you doing here?

Terry : Having a drink, not a lot else to do in a drinking club, is there Gayle?

Last Scene/words

Duffy and Mary, with Cyril enter staff room;

Anne-Marie : Look it’s a girl! (holding a pillow – the staff laugh)

Notable Facts

* Kevin Lloyd dec’d (Tosh in ‘The Bill’ fame) plays Sgt. Tony Foley.

* Lorraine is the receptionist as Susie is off duty.

* Louise was at Uni before she got pregnant – Elizabeth suggests she comes home.

* Nigel and Gail live at Thatcham Close in Willow Bank.

* The punk concert is held at Russel Club.

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