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Cas Series

S20 E11

S20 E11 (12 Nov 05) : Love and Duty by Linda Thompson

Episode Summary

At a Rememeberance Day event, a number of soldiers are remembering gay soldiers who fought in the war. Lee and his racists group decide to launch an attack on them. Lee injures soldier, Jon, who falls hitting his head on concrete. Whilst another soldier, Ray, trying to defend his friend punches Lee’s brother, Dean. As Jon is brought in, we discover Ray has strong feelings for Jon and in his anger decides to out Jon’s boyfriend – policeman Tommy. Tommy is later found in his car, trying to attempt suicide. He suffers carbon monoxide poisening.

Meanwhile, Dean, is also brought in – however all his mates have run off. He has an injured jaw. Bruno sneaks his brother, Lee, into the department to talk to him.

Guppy has been trying to get hold of his father, who is still not speaking to him. Having found out he will be at the hospital for his disciplinary, Guppy waits for him and outside, but Jas still refuses to speak to him and drives off. Lee and his mates then approach Guppy in the car park and beat him up. Abs sees someone being attacked but chooses to walk by, unknowing it’s his colleague. Abs’ mind is elsewhere – he is more concerned over Nina’s friendship with Kelsey.

Tensions mount between Woody and Josh as Woody wants to report Josh for hitting the child. They eventually sort things after Josh injures himself trying to rescue Tommy from the car. After talking, Josh convinces Woody he must get a DNA test to find out if he really is a father.

An elderly man Bert is injured when him and teenager Natalie are attempting to put a model boat in a lightbulb, when it smashes. He gets fragments of glass in his eyes. At first we assume Natalie is his granddaughter, but when his daughter arrives, we realise they are just good friends. His mother is wary of their relationship. Natalie used to be in a gang that robbed Bert’s house; but Natalie tries to make her see she has changed her ways.

A medical student, Toby, is dumped outside the department. As a prank his friends have put plaster of paris on his genitals. Toby attempts to chat up Ellen as she treats him, which doesn’t go down well with Harry.


* Jon Gartshire – head injury

* Dean Cull – jaw injury.

* Tommy Bowman – carbon monoxide poisening.

* Bert Hazeldene – fragments of glass in eye.

* Toby Tiler – plaster of paris put on his genitals as a prank.

Notable Facts

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Tony Selby plays Bert Hazeldene.

* Trying to defend his decision to report Josh, Woody says ‘There comes a time when you have to put friendship aside.’

* When Woody confronts Josh, he brings up the fact his two children died in a fire.

* Kelsey and Nina are meeting at the Bull & Gate pub at 4pm.

* Upset over his family’s disownment, Guppy says ‘A patient said something about protecting the people you love. I chose duty over love.’

* Toby tries to explain why plaster of paris was put over his genitals saying him and his mates were discussing ‘how might my penis be immortalised’.

* As Harry inspects Toby’s injury he says ‘Well I don’t see anything out of the ordinary there.’ Whilst when Ellen uses cutting machinary to get the plaster off she tells Toby ‘You might feel some warmth and a vibrating sensation!’

* After Harry leaves Toby’s cubicle, Toby tells Ellen ‘That’s a jealous guy!’. Ellen replies smugly ‘Do you think?’

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