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Cas Series

S20 E13

S20 E13 (26 Nov 05) : Getting Involved by Paul Ebbs

Episode Summary

Abs confesses his guilty secret to Nina, who is shocked and appalled. Guppy goes to the police line-up alone after Abs decides not to get involved. However, the gang are waiting for him outside and threaten him, telling him to drop the case.

Elsewhere, Bruno sees an opportunity to make some money when the monitors displaying patient waiting times arrive. He makes a bet on who will be the first to have a patient in the department after the four-hour rule – he bets on Selena and ensures her patient, elderly Edie who has hurt her wrist and is suffering from cataracts, is kept waiting as long as possible. Selena uncovers his scam and takes his winnings.

Meanwhile, Woody gets his DNA test back, and discovers he is not Matt’s real father. To his colleagues, he acts relieved. Later Woody tells Matt that he won’t be seeing him again.

During a work team-building ski-ing day, boss Sharon continues to bully one of her workers, Erica. Meanwhile, Becky, has been lying to her new boyfriend, Robert, to impress him and has claimed she is a good skier. However she crashes into Erica and Sharon on the slopes. In ED, Becky confesses all to Robert, whilst Sharon breaks down when she discovers her boyfriend has still been seeing his wife and got her pregnant. Erica comforts her and even takes her home.

Site owners, Colin and Megan, ask a group of travellers to move on when they start causing a nuisance. They later find their dog dead, and in revenge Colin drives a tractor into their caravan. Pregnant traveller, Francine, is injured and taken to ED. At first she keeps news of her pregnancy secret as she doesn’t want her brother finding out as he doesn’t approve of her boyfriend. Francine suffers an ectopic pregnancy, and dumps her boyfriend when she discovers he killed the dog, which started all the trouble.


* Edie Carmichael – wrist injury and cataracts.

* Francine Beckett – ectopic pregnancy.

* Colin Farnsworth – arm injury.

* Becky Dickenson – fractured tib & fib.

* Sharon Court – fractured wrist.

* Erica – fractured nose.

Notable Facts

* Danielle Brent plays Sharon Court.

* Harry is on holiday and Ellen is a little miffed she didn’t know.

* ‘Maybe she doesn’t want her incompetence up in lights’ says Bruno, when he sees Maggie is not happy at new tracking system.

* Trying to console himself, Woody says ‘Negative SNA means no CSA – back to the sex and rock n’roll!’

* Nina is angry at Abs for not helping Guppy, ‘You let Guppy get beaten up because you wanted to see if me and Kelsey were having a snog – how old are you?’

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