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Cas Series

S20 E31

S20 E31 (1 Apr 06) : Going Under by Ming Ho

Episode Summary

Ellen tells Harry she hasn’t heard from the oncologist but really has an appointment today. Nina quizzes Ellen about the scan and Ellen has to tell her there is no baby and that she has a molar pregnancy and could get cancer. Nina goes to Ellen’s oncologist appointment with her feeling hopeful but is crushed to learn that Ellen has Choriocarcinoma. There is a positive prognosis though – it is a very treatable variety of cancer and, if confined to the womb, most patients fully recover within 6 months of treatment. She will need a course of chemotherapy asap. Ellen leaves in shock. Nina has to rush back to her shift, as she is late, but tells Ellen to go home – but she returns to her shift.

Sam is chuffed when Tess asks him to help with the new receptionist, until he meets Alice who is a shy wallflower. She’s isn’t very good at dealing with the public, especially the more tricky ones. Sam doesn’t think that Alice will manage the job – the more he tells her about it, the more petrified she seems. Alice surprises him when a patient, Duncan, from earlier has a complaint to make about Sam and she handles it well. She shows herself to be capable while also getting Sam out of a scrape. When Tess asks him how he thinks Alice will fit in, he reckons that she’ll be fine.

Elsewhere, Selena is still concerned that Nathan is stalking her. Together with Maggie, she raids his office and they are shocked to find CCTV footage of Selena. Nathan catches them but he has an explanation for his actions; claiming he is planning to increase security measures in the department.

Selena treats a patient Rob Lister with urinary retention, who has deliberately brought on his condition to stop his girlfriend leaving him for a new job away from Holby.

A man, Barry, jealous of his friend, Nigel’s success puts chemical cleaning fluid in his hot tub which causes Nigel’s partner, Simone, to be injured. Barry’s daughter also suffers an asthma attack. Later, Barry returns to the house to try and clear away evidence of his wrongdoing but accidentally electrocutes himself.


* Rob Lister – urinary retention.

* Simone Webly – severe burns.

* Nigel Webly – minor burns.

* Emma Gatts – asthma attack.

* Barry Gatts – electrocutes himself.

* Duncan Galbreith – diabetic, suffers hypo – wrongly thought to be drunk.

Notable Facts

* Dido ‘Here With Me Now’ plays in this episode.

* Referring to a patient who faked a bladder condition Abs says ‘I wouldn’t want a finger up my backside for fun!’

* Maggie says to Selena jokingly ‘Maybe we should break into his office and give it a once over’ – Selena takes it seriously and they head for Nathan’s office!

* Alice is smitten with Guppy, asking Sam ‘Who is he?’

* The cubicle curtains have changed to bright new colours of red, purple and blue.

* Ellen doesn’t want anyone to know of her condition, telling Nina ‘I’m going to fight this on my terms now!’

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