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Cas Series

4.8 Deluge – 27/10/89

s4e8S4 E8 (27 Oct 89) : Deluge by Bill Gallagher

Episode Summary

Charlie tackles Valerie about the bed shortage. Megan is annoyed when a Mrs Curtis, who has just miscarried, spends a whole shift on a corridor.

At a garden centre opening party, the owner Dan’s teenage daughter Trudy gets drunk. They’ve been arguing after he won’t let her go and see her mother. Trudy collapses and is taken to hospital where her stomach is pumped. Megan is hard on the father, as it’s not the first time she’s been brought in drunk. Trudy arrests and is taken to CRASH, where they manage to save her.

An asthmatic boy, Bruce, gets a tooth trapped in his lung, after he is knocked out in a boxing ring accidentally by his trainer father, Alan. An operation is performed to remove it. Bruce’s mother, Jean, takes the opportunity to tell Alan he is not Bruce’s father, as she had an affair just before they got married. Alan is angry.

An old lady, Mrs Phelan, is found by a BT engineer, with a burnt arm and calls 999. [ID 339]Alex[/ID], who is out with the paramedics arrive and find she is afraid of going out of the house, Alex manages to coax her to the hospital. A psychiatric patient, Mr Stepley, comes in shouting abuse and banging his head on the reception desk. He then pushes Charlie and bites Alex – leaving Mrs Phelan cowering on the floor of a cubicle.

Jimmy spends a shift apologising to Julie, after they went out and he got dunk, frightening her. She eventually forgives him. Julie is also upset about her low wage – Valerie offers her promotion, she says she’ll think about it.


* Mrs Curtis – suffers a miscarriage, she waits for an operation in the corridor.

* Bruce Hillage – knocked out by his father accidentally in a boxing ring – a tooth lodges in his lung.

* Trudy Cassey – teenage girl gets stomach pumped after too much drink.

* Miss Phelan – elderly lady, too afraid to go out. Fractures and burns her arm, after dropping kettle.

* Psychiatric patient – bites hand and hits his head on desk. Megan calms him down with an injection.

Last Scene/words

Valerie : It means putting in a formal complaint to his Consultant

Charlie : Oh I see, and I’m supposed to be worried about that? (stops and turns to cubicle – sees Mrs Phelan in corner crying hysterically)

Valerie : Yeah well you could atleast show a bit of concern.

Charlie : Alright love, it’s going to be alright (Valerie and Megan look on) we’ll find you somewhere nice and quiet, don’t worry.

Notable Facts

* Julie gets £89 a week for being a receptionist.

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