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Cas Series

5.11 Rememberance – 16/11/90

s5e11S5 E11 (16 Nov 90) : Rememberance by Barbara Machin

Episode Summary

Jimmy crashes the night at the house of a party, with his latest girlfriend, Andrea. In the morning, he discovers her unconscious after taking drugs and calls 999. At A&E, she reveals herself to be a Student Nurse, and lies to Duffy and Julian that Jimmy stole the drugs for her from the hospital. Duffy is ready to suspend him, until she tells Charlie the truth.

A racist warehouse foreman, Ron and a worker, Sam, collapse after inhaling chlorine fumes from the floor that’s been cleaned. A Sri-Lankan scivvy worker, Jeevan, drags them out. At first, Ron shouts abuse at Jeevan until he realises he saved his life. Sam has a pulmonary edema and arrests, but the team save him.

Howard Collier and his wife, Caroline, take his mother, Rose, to visit an old people’s home, but she is violently vomiting up blood, so an ambulance is called. All Caroline is worried about is that it may affect Rose’s chances of being accepted at the nursing home and says she doesn’t want her back and gets Howard to ask Julian if there’s any way they can end her life – Julian is appalled. However, she dies anyway, from cancer in the stomach.

A couple, Brian and Jodie, are found by a landowner sleeping in a shed. He pushes Brian, and he cuts his head. In A&E, as Jodie waits for him to be stitched up, she has stomach pains. The team discover she’s in labour.

And a carpenter, Derek Tilsley, comes in with glass lodged in his hand. Being disturbed by his son, Beth fails to remove it – Julian is called to do it.


* Rosie Collier – old lady vomiting blood, cancer in stomach – dies.

* Ron Wilson & Sam Dewsbury – inhale chlorine fumes.

* Jeevan – Sri Lankan immigrant, also inhales fumes, while getting other out.

* Andrea Martin – Student Nurse – overdoses on drugs.

* Brian Thomas – cut on head.

* Jodie Forbes – goes into labour, without realising.

* Derek Tilsley – carpenter with glass in hand.

First Scene/words

Man : Come on come out! (knocking on shed) come on come out or I’ll burn you out

Brian : Alright!

Man : Right come on out, come on out, come on get out! Go on! You shouldn’t be in here, it’s private property, go go go, clear off!

Brian : You don’t have to touch her!

Last Scene/words

Megan : She was a grand old lady.

Howard : She was always so full of life, I never even told her I loved her…

Megan : You don’t have to, there’s nothing to worry about.

Notable Facts

* Robert Gwilym (Max Gallagher) plays Howard Collier.

* Khulvinder Ghir (Holby City) plays Jeevan.

* Annette Badland plays Jodie.

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