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Cas Series

S11 E19

s11e19S11 E19 (18 Jan 97) : Deja Vu by Lilie Ferrari

Episode Summary

Personnel is investigating Mrs O’Donnell’s accusations against Charlie and they are interviewing the whole staff. Everyone is on Charlie’s side, saying that the accusations of sexual harassment are false and that Charlie was only trying to do a ECG while being distressed by the fact that his son was in resus and no one knew what was wrong with him. Baz, especially, is upset by the whole thing and is trying to convince them that he did not do anything wrong. The interviewers, however, do not seem to be that interested and are hardly listening. One of them is even drawing ballerinas into her notebook, ending up in a desperate Baz telling her that “This is our life and all you can do is draw ballerinas!” In the end personnel has a chat with Charlie and says that he should take a leave. Charlie, reasonably, is not happy, saying that it will make him look guilty, but does not have a choice.

Jeremy O’Neill, a journalist, comes to the hospital to try to ask people about Charlie. When no one wants to talk to him, he registers as a patient, saying that he has hurt his wrist. Charlie recognizes him as a reporter and when he complains to Baz about it, she just says that she will fix it and gives him a kiss. She goes to treat the reporter, saying that it might be a repetitive strain injury, but it might also be far more serious and hopefully she will not have to amputate. When the reporter looks suitably shocked, Baz asks if he wants to talk about Charlie first or if they should treat his hand first. When Baz tells the reporter that she is Charlie’s “living lover” he realises that it is time to leave. Everyone cheers at Baz when the reporter storms out of the cubicle.

Jude is having her abortion. Matt comes to pick up her at her place and they borrow the car of Jude’s friend Donna. Jude just wants to have it done quickly and is very nervous, or example saying that if something goes wrong she wants Donna to have her necklace. Matt waits at the clinic while she has the abortion and afterwards, when she has woken up properly, he drives her back to her flat. She is still sleepy and Matt keeps asking if she is alright. She says that she feels happy that it is over and they both can go on with their lives. Donna has bought Jude some donuts and got hold of ‘Slacker’s’, Jude’s favourite film. Jude asks Matt to stay, but he says he has to go, mainly because he does not feel comfortable around Donna. Jude and Donna watch the film, even though Jude falls asleep half-way through. They then end up talking about Matt. Donna thinks he is just playing with girls’ hearts, but Jude says that he was nothing like that today and that maybe she has not given Matt a chance to prove what he actually is like.

Cathy White finds out that her husband, who is in prison, is the father of the baby that her sister is going to have. She goes for a drive in her car, fixes something with the breaks and drives to the court house where she knows that her husband, Chalky White, is going to be that day. She notices the security van where Chalky is arrive and all in sudden she drives into it. Much to Cathy’s horror, Ben Gillespie, one of the security van drivers is badly hurt and brought into resus with a broken pelvis and some other fractures, but in the end they can stabilize him. Chalky keeps thanking Cathy, saying that she was brilliant, trying to help him escape, even though she actually was trying to kill him. In the end, when the Police take Chalky back to prison, she tells her sister that she can have him and the house, not knowing that Chalky just minutes earlier told her sister that he was leaving her to be with Cathy, because of what Cathy did for his sake.

Dean Lewis, the other prisoner who was in the van, has broken his nose, but does not seem too bothered about it, saying that it will look sexy and attract women. He tells Richard that he will be getting out of prison by smiling in court and telling a story about his difficult childhood. Richard tells him that the court has heard all of that before and will not listen to him. Dean realises that he will end up in prison, so he gets dressed and escapes, stealing the car of Jeremy O’Neill, the journalist, to get away from there.

One of the security van drivers proves not to be the person he has claimed to be. When he is lying in a cubicle, with his hand put in plaster, one of the police officers walking around thinks he recognises him. Eventually they realise that he, instead of being Ken Harding, actually is Ron Statham, a burglar that the Police was trying to catch in the 1980’s and they arrest him.


* Ben Gillespie, a warder who is involved in a car crash, broken pelvis

* Ken Harding, security van driver, breaks his arm and turns out to be Ron Statham, a burglar the Police never caught in the 1980’s

* Dean Lewis, a prisoner who gets a nose injury, but escapes from the cubicle

* Chalky White, a man who has been in prison many times, involved in car crash

* Cathy White, Chalky’s wife who drives into the van where he is, trying to kill him

* Jeremy O’Neill, a journalist who pretends to have hurt his wrist because he wants to talk to the staff about Charlie

First Scene/words

[Charlie is walking outside the hospital. Some paramedics are bringing a patient into A&E. Matt walks out of the ambulance entrance, with his helmet in his hands.]

Charlie: What is this, late lunch?

Matt: It’s my afternoon off.

Charlie: Oh yeah.

Last Scene/words

[Charlie walks out of A&E and the hospital area.]

Notable Facts

* Jude’s favourite film is called Slacker’s.

Review by Karin.

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