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14/9/96 – 22/2/97

Episode Listing

  • S11 E1 (14 Sep 96) : Chain Reactions by Andrew Holden
  • S11 E2 (21 Sep 96) : Relative Values by Chris Lang
  • S11 E3 (28 Sep 96) : It Ain’t Me Babe by Rob Gittins
  • S11 E4 (5 Oct 96) : Thicker Than Water by Kate Lock
  • S11 E5 (12 Oct 96) : Waterwings by Simon Stirling
  • S11 E6 (19 Oct 96) : Still Waters by Manjit Singh
  • S11 E7 (26 Oct 96) : Nightfall by Simon Ashdown
  • S11 E8 (2 Nov 96) : Vital Signs by Barbara Machin
  • S11 E9 (9 Nov 96) : Another Day in Paradise by Tony McHale
  • S11 E10 (16 Nov 96) : Flesh and Blood by Lilie Ferrari
  • S11 E11 (23 Nov 96) : Made in Britain by Lisa Evans
  • S11 E12 (30 Nov 96) : Mother’s Little Helper by Peter Mills
  • S11 E13 (7 Dec 96) : Trapped by Andrew Holden
  • S11 E14 (14 Dec 96) : Do You Still Believe in Fairies? by Deborah Cook
  • S11 E15 (21 Dec 96) : The Dying of the Light by Christopher Reason
  • S11 E16 (28 Dec 96) : The Homecoming by Chris Lang
  • S11 E17 (4 Jan 97) : Hidden Depths by Simon Stirling
  • S11 E18 (11 Jan 97) : Tall Tales by David Joss Buckley
  • S11 E19 (18 Jan 97) : Deja Vu by Lilie Ferrari
  • S11 E20 (25 Jan 97) : Treasure by Lisa Evans
  • S11 E21 (1 Feb 97) : United.. By Blood by Tony McHale
  • S11 E22 (8 Feb 97) : Make Believe by Kate Lock
  • S11 E23 (15 Feb 97) : Monday, Bloody Monday by Barbara Machin
  • S11 E24 (22 Feb 97) : Perfect Blue by Barbara Machin


A number of new characters were introduced in Series 11. Pin-up Jonathan Kerrigan made his debut as Casualty second major gay character, nurse Sam Colloby. Popular with fans, Sam’s sexuality wasn’t much of an issue in the show. Nurse Gloria Hammond and SHO Richard McCaig also make an entrance with a tentative romance and mid-series new Consultant Jack Hathaway joins the team.

The opening episode started in dramatic style; a lorry explosion, the birth of Charlie and Baz’s baby Louis and Kate’s husband Trevor now in a vegetative state. It seems the trials and traumas of the medical team were again set to take centre stage.

One such case, was that of Josh Griffiths who in Episode 20 ‘Treasure’ received the worst possible call out a paramedic could take; to that of his own house. A house fire killed his wife and two children, leaving Josh permenantly damaged.

Charlie and Baz also had troubles with a nanny suffering from Munchausens’s syndrome and in an exciting who-dunnit to end the series; Jude is stabbed and is left fighting for her life. Matt, who left for Crete after Jude’s aborted his baby and feeling nothing was left for him in Holby, finds himself on an emotional journey back to Jude’s bedside.

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