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Cas Series

S11 E03

S11 E3 (28 Sep 96) : It Ain’t Me Babe by Rob Gittins

Episode Summary

It is Sam’s first day at work and he is being introduced to everyone. He also comes just in time to see Jude present what could be the nurses’ new uniform. The uniform is in pistachio and Sam uncomfortably admits that he does not like it. However, many other members of the staff seem to agree with him.

A teenager, Gareth Boyd, walks with his girlfriend to watch the beautiful view from the gorge at Barton Coombe. As soon as they get there his girlfriend, Clare Sparkbrook, asks him to climb to a place where there are some birds. She wants him to steal some eggs for her, because she has heard that one could get up to three-hundred pounds for a couple of them. When Gareth is reaching for some eggs the bird attacks him, he loses his grip and gets stuck on a rock face. Clare runs for help and comes back with Aidan Cleland, who works there with helping people in trouble. Aidan climbes up to where Gareth is, but just as he is about to grab Gareth’s hand to help him come down, they both fall down. Aidan is not seriously hurt, but Gareth is quite poorly after the fall of fifty feet. Once again Clare has to run for help and eventually both Mike and Charlie fly there by helicopter, taking Gareth, who has got a pneumothorax, back to Holby with them. Gareth soon gets better and he is explaining that he was trying to get the birds’ eggs only because he loves Clare. Clare, however, thinks Gareth is stupid for falling down and says that it is not about love, it is only about having a bit of fun. It also turns out that Aidan has some kind of rheumatism that he has been aware of, but not treating, and that, while climbing, his arm went numb all in sudden. His previous employer had sacked him when they found out about the illness and now, when his new employer gets to hear about the illness, Aidan resigns, even though the employer would want to keep him there.

Steve Morrissey is having an M.O.T. test and his young son Craig is with him. While Steve is trying to say that the car is in a good condition, while it actually is not, it looks like Craig is about to cause an accident with some wheels that are lying around. A man saves Craig in the eleventh hour and just as it looks like everything is going to be fine, Steve goes and hits his head, getting unconscious. He is brought in and the staff start treating him, but since Craig will not say what his name is, they do not know who Steve is. Not until Jude goes to help and recognises him as her ex-boyfriend. When Steve comes around, he tells Jude that Paula, who is Craig’s mother, is dead and he is taking care of him on his own.

However, a confused Craig later tells her that he has seen Paula in Holby. Jude confronts Steve, to reveals that he has been lying about Paula dying in a car accident and that actually he has stolen Craig from her. He asks Jude for help, saying that Paula had got Craig in the divorce and that when Paula had started talking about moving abroad, he had had to kidnap the boy. Jude says the only thing she will do to help him is to call Paula. When Jude goes back to Steve’s cubicle he has disappeared, but they soon find him, lying in the corridor. He has arrested and they take him to resus, trying to save him. Paula comes to A&E and explains that he has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, but he has not been following the doctors’ advice and treated himself. Eventually they cannot save Steve, much to the grief of both Paula and Jude.

Frank Gould comes home from work, stressed after a hectic day. His wife says she will prepare him a drink, but not only does she put whisky into the glass, but also some sleeping pills. Ruth, the wife, has to go out for a while and she leaves Frank on his own. After a while someone phones him, saying he has to do some things at work and since he does not know about the sleeping pills he takes the car to work. Half way there he starts falling asleep, eventually crashing into a stationary car. Ruth comes back home, sees the note that Frank has left, tries to call Frank and then takes the other car, coming to the RTA scene just as the ambulance is about to drive Frank to hospital. Frank is lucky and gets nothing but a black eye, but everyone is suspicious about Ruth and how she happened to pass by only minutes after Frank had crashed, as if she had been expecting the accident to have happened. In the end Ruth explains to Kate about her having been putting sleeping pills into his drinks for a while now, all this because she wants him to fall asleep early because she having sex hurts so much that she does not want to do anything. Ruth is relieved when Kate tells her that she probably has endometriosis, which can be treated. Another relieved person is Frank, after an embarrased Kate has told him about the sleeping pills, because he had noticed that he was tired all the time and in the end he had thought that there was something wrong with him.


* Steve Morrissey, Jude’s ex-boyfriend, hits his head, diagnosed with cardiomyopathy six months earlier.

* Gareth Boyd, teenager, who falls down from a rock face and gets a pneumothorax.

* Aidan Cleland, man with rheumatism who goes to rescue Gareth, but they both fall down.

* Frank Gould, 47-year-old man, drives into a stationary car after his wife has put sleeping pills into his drink.

First Scene/words

Some people are at a big garage, fixing cars. A father and his little son are standing in front of a vending machine.

Steve: Choose what you want. Then wait in there.

Craig: Why?

Steve: Come on, daddy won’t be long.

Last Scene/words

Paula is in resus, watching Steve’s body. Jude walks in and they both stand there, quietly.

Paula: Thanks.

Paula and Jude both start crying and they hug each other.

Notable Facts

* Grant Masters (Dan Robinson) plays Steve Morrissey

* Nicholas Hoult (Marcus in About A Boy) plays Craig Morrissey

* Toby Ross-Bryant (Marcus in Down to Earth) plays Gareth BoydReview by Karin.

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