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Cas Series

S11 E13

s11e13S11 E13 (7 Dec 96) : Trapped by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Gloria’s ex, Jeff Maguire, comes into A&E and says he wants to talk to Gloria. When she says that she has got nothing to tell him and that she does not want to talk to him, he makes Matt register him as a patient, saying he has got stomach pains. Gloria take him into a cubicle and she explains that it is over between them and that she has met someone new, Richard. Richard overhears the conversation from the adjoining cubicle and goes to treat Jeff. He says that he cannot find anything wrong with the stomach, so he has to do a rectal examination and a startled Jeff is trying to convince Richard that it is not necessary and is eventually saved by Kate, who comes to ask Richard to go to see another patient.

Jane Maguire tells her boyfriend Paul that they should get going as they are planning to go to a big motorcycle festival in Hereford. Paul, however, does not want to go, saying that they should talk to their psychologist, because of the drugs they are on and that he really wants to talk to his psychologist. In the end Jane talks Paul into leaving, but halfway there Paul convinces her that they should go back home. On the way home they fall over with the bike and while nothing seems to be wrong with Jane, Paul has hurt his leg. They are brought into hospital and Paul’s broken leg is put into plaster. Jane thinks that there is something wrong with her, explaining about her having visited Borneo and there being a possibility that she has got malaria. The staff find out that they are both under psychological treatment and that there is nothing else wrong with Jane. All in sudden she disappears. Matt finds her in the carpark, but he agrees to go on a drive with her motorbike around the carpark. Instead of only driving around the carpark she, however, starts driving towards Hereford and the bike festival, until Matt succeeds in jumping off the bike and driving them back to the hospital.

Jude goes to see a doctor, who tells her that she is about five weeks pregnant. Jude tries to explain that there must be something wrong with the results. She then has an ultrasound, after which she asks how soon she can have an abortion. The doctor suggests talking to someone, but Jude says that she will wait with telling Matt and talking to anyone about it and just think about it herself first.

The police find a woman, Candice Francis, in the river, tied up and unconscious. She is brought into resus and there seems to be nothing wrong with her apart from some stomach pains and sever hypothermia. After an x-ray they realise that she has some bags with drugs in her stomach and when she comes around they try to ask her what it is, saying that she will die if they start leaking. DI Logan comes to ask her some questions and Candice asks Sam to stay with them, even though DI Logan wants him to leave them alone. While he is questioning Candice, Sam notices that they are both acting strangely and that there is something wrong. When he has left, Candice tells Sam that she and DI Logan know each other and that he used to be her boyfriend, until he started asking for a ten-percent provision for all the drugs that she sold, right in front of his nose. She also asks Sam not to let DI Logan have anything to do with her children.

The bags inside Candice’s stomach start leaking and she starts to doze off. This time she lets them remove the bags from her stomach and she is saved. DI Logan starts to suspect that Candice has told someone about them and threatens Sam. Sam goes to talk to Candice’s children, who ask him not to let Logan look after them, because he has beaten up their mum, tied her up and taken her away from them. Sam realises that DI Logan was the one who threw Candice into the river and, when he tells Charlie about this, Charlie right away phones Chief Superintendent Walker. CS Walker take DI Logan with him and in reception they run into Sam, who says that he wants to report something, but DI Logan says that Sam cannot prove anything and that it is Sam’s word against his own. Upstairs, Jack and Richard are planning to watch a video that they filmed when they tried to save a man who had suffered from a heart attack. Soon they notice that the camera that Jude had put up had been in the wrong angle and instead of filming them they now had the patient next to them on tape. Jack is about to stop it, when Richard notices what is going on on the tape – it is DI Logan threatening Candice.


* Paul, he and his girlfriend, fall over with their motorcycle and he breaks his leg

* Jane Maguire, Paul’s girlfriend, psychological problems

* Jeff Marriott, Gloria’s ex, registers as a patient, trying to make her talk to him

* Candice Francis, a woman who was tied up and thrown into the river. She has drugs in her stomach.

* Alen Brown, black eye

* David Watts, a man that the paramedics bring in, he has got shampoo in his eyes and he wants to be treated for it.

First Scene/words

A man throws something into the river. Then he jumps into his car and drives away.

Last Scene/words

From the balcony, Jack and Richard watch DI Logan leave with Chief Superintendent Walker.

Josh: Oh, any news on the girl?

DI Logan: Yes, she gave up the drugs, she’s okay. We’re about to talk to someone about what… happened.

Josh: Good news.

Jude walks past DI Logan and notices Jack and Richard and Jack smiles.

Notable Facts

* Matt’s motorcycle is a Kawasaki 650.

* Suzanne Packer (Tess S18) plays Candice Francis.

* Jane Hazlegrove (Dixie) plays Jane.

Review by Karin.

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