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Cas Series

S19 E31

S19 E31 (2 Apr 05) : Running Out of Kisses by Paul Ebbs

Episode Summary

Bex is back at work after her hypo, and determined to get back into the swing of things. She is on top form as she refuses to take any nonsense. Bex’s breezy confidence crumbles however, when Pete uses all his powers of manipulation to get Claire to speak to Bex for him, to find out why she’s pursuing a case that’s so obviously a lie. Claire is taken in by Pete’s story and sends Bex into a panic when she tells her that Pete is at the hospital to see her. When Bex gets home that night she thinks she sees a figure outside her flat, and is convinced it’s Pete. She calls Luke in a panic, who runs straight over there to protect her. Bex is so upset by everything that’s happened that day that she decides there’s no way she can go through with the court case.

Claire and Luke are finding it hard to keep their relationship a secret, especially with everything that’s happening with Bex. Luke is furious at Claire for upsetting Bex by trying to get her to speak to Pete, but agrees that they shouldn’t let the situation affect their relationship. It can’t help but get in the way however, as later that evening Bex rings Luke, terrified that she’s seen Pete trying to get into her flat. Luke feels he has no choice but the cancel the night he had planned with Claire and go to Bex.

There is friction between Tess and Comfort when Tess announces she is bringing Sam home from the psychiatric unit. Comfort is not alone in her concern, as the psychiatric nurse advises caution, but Tess is determined that with Mike still in hospital, she needs her son home now more than ever. Sam feels ready to be home; he understands now that he was ill, and he knows it’s going to be difficult for them all to adjust, and tells Tess that she has to learn to trust him again if this is going to work.

An elderly lady, Vanessa, collapses at the travel agents. She has terminal cancer and planned to blow her money on one last holiday. However she suffers a cardiac arrest and dies.

Abs is feeling the pressure from the loan sharks. There’s no way he can find the cash he needs to pay off Ellen’s debts. He’s so desperate that he almost does the unthinkable and steals patient Vanessa’s holiday money, which he discovers when he is sorting out her belongings. He shares his dilemma with Nina who makes her feelings very clear: if he stoops that low, he’s on his own. Abs ends up handing in the money and taking Nina up on her more law abiding suggestion to save some cash; moving into the communal house with her and Claire. It’s not the ideal way to start a relationship, but it looks like Abs and Nina will be living together.

Selena is frustrated by Will’s behaviour, as he refuses to respond to the divorce proceedings she’s initiated. Maggie is similarly stressed and irritable, but over a forthcoming exam. Selena tries to persuade her to take time off, but Maggie refuses. She does not want to draw attention to her exam by taking time off.

The parents of a terminally ill boy, Kavin, who has SSPE, pretend to have a Christmas celebration. When he suffers severe fitting, his teenage sister, Jude, goes behind her parents backs and calls an ambulance. The boy is taken to hospital where his parents wish for no treatment to be given so he can die peacefully. Jude does not want her brother to die and her parents later admit they stopped giving him his seizure pills, as they didn’t want to endure his life with pain. Although Harry is forced to continue with treatment, when the boy arrests in CRASH, he then dies.

A gay couple, Tom and Nick, crash their car when Tom tells his shocked partner that he is HIV. Nick, who already has HIV, is convinced Tom has had an affair because they had been practising safe sex. Tom, who faces paralysis, denies this and they eventually make up, with the help of Selena’s words of wisdom.


* Vanessa Robson – elderly lady with terminal cancer, dies.

* Kavin Green – SSPE, dies.

* Nick Walsh – minor head injuries.

* Tom Laine – paralysis.

First Scene/ words

(Christmas music is playing) A family surround terminally ill boy, Kavin;

Jude : Hey cool Kavin, it’s ted!

Chloe : He may not be able to eat them but he loves the smell (the boy starts fitting) it’s alright sweetheart, we’re here…

Notable Facts

* Adam James plays Pete Guildford.

* Imogen Stubbs plays Chloe Greer.

* This episode was followed by a newsflash announcing the death of Pope John-Paul II

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