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Cas Series

S19 E25

S19 E25 (26 Feb 05) : Naming Names by Catherine Tregenna

Episode Summary

Pete walks away from Bex’s house leaving her dishevelled on the hall floor. She quickly locks the door afraid he will return and calls the police to report the rape. The police arrive and although Bex is trying to put her normal brave face on it she finds it hard to tell the police officer what happened. When it comes to Bex having a medical examination she is surprised that the doctor assigned to perform it is Selena and she screams at the police woman saying that she will not allow her to do it. Selena explains that she and Bex should put their difficulties in the past and that she is there to support her 100% and help make sure justice is carried out. After the physical examination Bex decides not to press charges and sets off home. However, when confronted with the taxi driver Bex realises that the rape has affected her more than she thought and goes to pieces at the thought of getting into his car. She returns inside and starts crying, Selena comforts her and tells her she has to report the rape. Bex tells her the rape was committed by Claire’s brother Pete. The police arrive at Pete’s house and arrest him for rape.

Harry questions Tess over why Ellen is working at the hospital when she does not have a visa. Tess informs him that she is a good nurse, did have a visa when she started working there and that it is a nursing issue so Harry should not get involved. Ellen attempts to make up with Nina, but Nina retorts ‘You’re as good as dead to me!’, Ellen looks to Abs for reassurance, but he turns away. Ellen is also visited by the police who tell her that she could be charged with murder over the patient she neglected. Ellen decides she has had enough and vanishes into the night.

Tess confides in Abs that she thinks Sam may have a mental illness. Abs pulls in some favours and arranges for a psychiatrist to see Sam the following day. When she arrives home Tess lets Sam know he will be seeing a psychiatrist; however, he is unresponsive and just stares vacantly. Later that evening her husband Mike arrives home from the oil rigs – Tess tells him about Sam and he is angry that she has not told him before and that his break from work will not be as relaxing as he thought.

Teenager, Stuart, and his girlfriend, Jo’s brother, Andrew, are brought in after a fight with Jo’s ex, Craig. Stuart has been trying to lead Jo away from a life of drugs, but fears Craig has still been supplying them to her and dumps her. Causing, a scene, Tess kicks Jo out and she goes home and takes an overdose. Andrew, fearing Craig had hurt her, decides to take actions into his own hands by stealing a pair of surgical scissors and stabbing him outside the department. Craig is brought in but dies from his injuries.

A man, believed to be rich businessman Phillip Trent, is brought in by two cleaners when he is found collapsed. The cleaners stick around hoping for some reward money, while on of them tries to fix a date for her friend with Charlie. It turns out the man, Fred, found Philip’s wallet and stole tickets to a high class party. As he discharges himself, he asks one of the cleaner’s on a date.


* Stuart Protheroe – ruptured spleen, after a fight.

* Andrew Murphey – wrist injury

* Jo Murphey – overdose

* Fred – collapses drunk in a cleaner’s office.

Notable Facts

* When security guard Colin pesters Charlie into agreeing to go on a double date, Charlie says ‘Now leave me alone or I’ll call security!’

* Ellen tries to suck up to Tess by saying ‘I hope one day to be as good a nurse as you Tess’

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