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Cas Series

S19 E26

S19 E26 (5 Mar 05) : Boys Don’t Cry by Jo O’Keefe

Episode Summary

A neurotic man, Terry, is brought in with a dislocated shoulder. After being treated by Guppy, his pregnant girlfriend, Pam, goes into labour. As Guppy and Woody take her up to Maternity, they all get stuck in the lift – panicking Terry further. Guppy delivers a baby boy.

A couple, Jamie and Donna are brought in after claiming to have been attacked by thugs. Maggie and Charlie don’t believe their story and assume Jamie has been hurting his girlfriend. When Jamie is found collapsed in the toilets, they discover he has severe bulimia and that Donna is the one with the temper.

Bex is shell shocked after her rape and calls in sick. Claire assumes she is hung-over. Pete has been kept in the cell, he undergoes his medical examination and is given bail. He goes straight to the hospital to tell Claire Bex has accused him of rape. Claire is in shock and cannot believe Bex would lie but this quickly turns to anger when she sees how upset her brother is. When patient, Donna, later assaults Claire, she breaks down to Luke. She tells him about Bex, he immediately jumps to her defence and tells Claire to sort her loyalties out – Pete must be lying. Luke tries to call Bex but she does not answer, he tells Nina he cannot come on an urgent shout and rushes to see Bex instead. Bex breaks down and keeps asking why did Pete do this. Luke tells her he will support her through her ordeal.

Ellen is still missing, Abs gets fed up with everyone asking him where she is. An immigration official comes to see him and questions him on her whereabouts. Abs tells her they had an argument and he does not know where she is. The woman tells Abs that they are looking into her case and if they find anything untoward the penalty will be severe – prison.

Harry is in a bad mood and complains to Charlie that he invested half of Beth’s life insurance and has lost the money.

Tess and Mike take Sam to see the psychiatrist, Sam tells him he has thought about suicide. The doctor says he wants to admit Sam into hospital for a few days for further tests – it is too early to make a diagnosis at the moment. Sam begs not to go but Tess tells him it is for the best. Mike is angry with Tess for not telling him about Sam and they argue – Mike storms off. Later, Nina and Comfort are called to attend to a car crash – Mike is the driver. He is taken to the hospital seriously ill, Tess is devastated.


* Terry Barber – dislocated shoulder.

* Pam Barber – goes into labour.

* Jamie Carpen – bulimia sufferer and superifical injuries to face.* Donna Merton – superficial injuries.

* Mike Bateman – car crash driver.

* Nathan Rutledge – car crash passenger, shoulder injury.

Notable Facts

* Comfort returns after her break with a new braided haircut.

* Woody flirts ‘Agency are always the best looking’.

* Sam is admitted to Henry Lewis Psychiatric Unit.

* Woody sings ‘Come on baby, light my fire’ whilst stuck in the lifts.

* Woody’s mother, Caroline, is covering for Bex on reception.

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