S19 E14

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S19 E14 (4 Dec 04) : Love Bites by Julie Blackie

Episode Summary

Comfort checks bank statements for her joint account with Fin and queries a standing order for £200 a month. She finds out that the recipient is Ruth. Comfort realises this means that they must have been married and the child at the funeral must have been Fin’s. Comfort goes to see Ruth, telling her that the monthly payments will stop. Ruth says that as Fin’s legal wife she is entitled to have his flat.

Luke and Nina are called to attend a man who is trapped in a sauna, it transpires that he is Woody – the new paramedic due to start on that day. Caroline from Orthopaedics comes down with clothes for Woody – she is his mother. Josh gives Woody a warning for not turning up to work. Caroline asks Josh not to be too harsh on him.

Selena is called to the police station to examine a suspect. The policeman tells Selena he has only fallen over and he is faking his injury. The man is later admitted seriously ill with internal bleeding. Selena hears the policeman telling Bex that the man had actually fallen from a roof. Harry reprimands Selena for not examining the suspect properly. Selena accuses Bex of gossiping with the policeman about her and Will and says she will make her life miserable.

Claire quizzes Abs about his engagement to Ellen. Abs tells her the real reason they are marrying.

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