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Cas Series

S20 E09 – Part 2

S20 E9b (25 Oct 05) : Crash and Burn (Part Two) Casualty @ Holby City by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Luke runs to tell Josh that the ambulance has been hijacked, sending Josh in pursuit on his bike. He eventually manages to overtake it and drives slowly, hoping to bring it to a halt.

Inside, Comfort has climbed into the back and is trying to protect Nick from further beatings by Kris and Paul. She is beaten in the process. Avoiding Josh at the last minute, the driver hits a car with the ambulance and in the ensuing chaos, all 3 boys run off.

Luke and Woody arrive and treat the victims in the car, an African couple, Edgar and Moji. Josh finds that Comfort only has a superficial head wound, but Nick is slipping in and out of consciousness. It is revealed that the car driver, Edgar is on the transplant list for a new heart. He has to wait for the fire brigade to cut him free of the car and nearly dies, but the paramedics save his life.

In the ED, Comfort’s head is seen to and she rests in a cubicle. Moji finds out she is pregnant, but is determined that no one should tell Edgar while he is so ill. Nick starts to deteriorate and the staff struggle to stabilise him so he can be sent to theatre.

Carl, at the hospital to check on Shania, Emma and Nick, sees Adrian. He’s behaving strangely and Carl guesses that he put the acid in the water which burned Emma and Shania, but Adrian won’t tell him why. To get away from Carl, and panicked at the harm he has caused, Adrian takes out the acid he used and runs with it into Resus. He rushes up to Nick. Carl, pursuing, presumes he means harm and disarms him, but not without burning Adrian in the process.

Tess, returning to Comfort, finds that she is no longer in her cubicle and after a frantic search finds her collapsed unconscious.

Luke tells Josh that the paramedics will support him following the incident involving slapping a schoolboy.

Mary Stevens comes to the ED, with a man, Perry, who she has been on a few dates with, claiming to have abdomen pains When she is seen by Tess, she admits she is not in pain but is concerned about Perry, who has been behaving wierdly. When Tess confronts Perry, he informs her he has Parkinson’s but hasn’t told her. When he does, Mary is shocked and at first doesn’t want to get involved. She then realises she doesn’t know much about the disease and decides to give things a go with Perry anyway.

The story is continued in S8 E2 – Part 3


* Comfort – head wound, collapses later in episode.

* Emma – acid burns to face.

* Shania – swallowed acid, burns to face.

* Perry Acreman – Parkinsons.

* Edgar Muzenda – car accident, already suffers from an enlarged heart.

Notable Facts

* No Holby City cast appear in this episode.

* James Gaddas plays Carl O’Leary.

* Josh refers to the incident with the boy as ‘Not my finest hour’.

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