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Cas Series

S20 E24

S20 E24 (11 Feb 06) : Out of the Past by Jo O’Keefe

Episode Summary

Bruno’s dodgy dealings eventually catch up with him when a patient, Lynn, comes back with an infected belly button after the crafty nurse pierced it, and demands a refund. She is later discovered to have a perforated appendix and it looks as if Bruno is off the hook. However Charlie is onto him and begins an investigation into an elderly woman called Mary Aplin. She’s aroused the attentions of a pharmacist after collecting drugs using a prescription slip that Bruno sold to her grandson. Bruno realises he’s in trouble and is about to leave Holby when Mary is brought in seriously ill. He has a pang of conscience and decides to stay and help treat her, however she dies. As he makes a second attempt to flee the department, he is arrested by the police.

Elsewhere, Harry still does not believe that Ellen is pregnant. Nina also has her doubts until Ellen’s pregnancy test confirms otherwise. Nina apologises and as Ellen fears she will be alone, Nina cuddles her and says she will support her.

Nathan is angry at a sponsor pulling out funds for the hospital and blames Maggie. Meanwhile he continues to date Selena.

Jenna is celebrating her 12th birthday at a fairgound with her friends. Her Dad, Ian, is also there with his new girlfriend, Viv, and Jenna doesn’t like her. Jenna isn’t happy when her Dad is called away and Viv takes them round the rest of the fairground. During laser quest, Jenna collapses with an asthma attack. In hospital, Ellen discovers she faked the attack. Back at home, Viv admits to Jenna that she is infact her real mother. Upset by this more, Jenna, climbs out of her bedroom window. Viv follows her and an accident ensues when Viv falls into a glass house.

A man, Brian, is brought in with a nasty cut to his thigh after doing DIY with a saw. He is delighted to discover his partner is pregnant and shares his news with Ellen, who acts pleased for him despite her own situation.


* Jenna Bradshaw – fakes asthma attack.

* Viv Challoner – serious cuts from falling into glasshouse.

* Lynn Collins – belly piercing infection and perforated appendix.

* Mary Aplin – dies from mixing unprescribed pills.

* Brian Phillips – thigh injury.

Notable Facts

* Franz Ferdinand ‘Do You Want To’ plays at the fairground.

* Huw Higginson plays Ian Bradshaw.

* Heather Peace plays Viv Challoner.

* Nina has little sympathy for newly dumped Ellen, ‘Big house and fat salary – no wonder she’s gutted!’ she tells Abs.

* Maggie calls Bruno ‘The Teflon man’ because ‘nothing ever sticks’.

* Harry asks Selena about her relationship with Nathan, she replies, ‘We’ve been on a few dates – hardly anything serious.’

* When Ellen first tells Nina she’s pregnant, she doesn’t believe her either, ‘Atleast your consistent when it comes to lies.’

* Charlie owns a bright blue beetle car.

* After the pregnancy test is positive, Nina apologises. Ellen says distraught ‘I don’t think I can do this on my own.’. Nina cuddles her and says ‘You won’t be’.

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