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Cas Series

S20 E47

S20 E47 (26 Aug 06) : Get What You Deserve by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

During a meeting with Josh following her suspension, Nina says she will resign.

When a young girl, India, is mauled at a dog breeder’s and exploding gas canisters create even more medical emergencies out on the farm, Nina defies her suspension and follows Josh to the fire to try to help the other paramedics. Her frustration results in her entering the barn to help rescue a boy, Will. Trapped with the injured boy, Nina realises she needs to insert a tube into the boy’s throat, a procedure she is not strictly allowed to do as a technician. Josh gives her permission to carry out the procedure, which is a success and Will is carried out alive. Nina is hailed a hero but sticks with her decision to quit her job.

Nathan encourages everyone to make sure the department runs smoothly to impress the visiting Chief Executive. However, friction between Guppy and Harry regarding the treatment of an overweight patient, Lucille – who dies – shows the hospital in a bad light. Nathan ends the day feeling stressed and makes a shocking confession to Selena that he is HIV.

Meanwhile, Kelsey notices Alice’s crush on Guppy and gives her a makeover for Ellen’s party in the hope that the quiet doctor will notice the quiet receptionist. However just as Alice makes her way to the venue, she overhears colleagues outside talking about Kelsey and Guppy being in bed together. Distraught, she leaves alone crying.

Meanwhile at the party, which is celebrating Ellen’s remission, all the staff have fun except Abs, who is clearly feeling the strain of his split from Nina. Nina takes the stage to sing karaoke as she says farewell to her colleagues.


* India Valentine – mauled by dog.

* Lucille Prior – fractured shin. Dies of blood clot.

* Martin Ridley – falls 10ft, smoke inhalation, burns.

* Will Ridley – smoke inhalation, burns.

Notable Facts

* Gary Webster plays Ned Prior.

* Tony Haygarth plays Martin Ridley.

* ‘How long is Nina suspended for?’ Greg asks. Comfort replies ‘How long is a piece of red tape?’

* ‘You know you could be really pretty, if you tried,’ Kelsey tells Alice before deciding on giving her a makeover.

* ‘I’m not a midriff sort of person,’ Alice tells Kelsey as she looks at some of the clothes Kelsey has planned for her.

* After the makeover, Kelsey tells Alice ‘Just promise me you won’t wear your cardie!’

* Nina is hailed ‘Holby’s answer to Lara Croft’ by her colleagues.

* On announcing his departure, Nina says ‘There’s a big wide world out there and I intend to see it’.

* Nina sings ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ at the karaoke.

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