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HC Past Series

S8 E12

Episode Summary

Two new hopefuls arrive at the hospital, both vying for the position of registrar. However, things don’t get off to a good start when Joseph crashes into the back of a patient’s car that [ID 1598]Sam[/ID] had been moving. Things go from bad to worse when Joseph’s clumsy, awkward manner contrasts strongly with Sam’s confident, charismatic approach. Connie and [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] both agree that Sam is the ideal candidate for the job. However, when Connie discovers that Professor Charles Byrne, who she is showing round the department that day, is his father and can help her own career, so she invents a new position for him. It backfires on her slightly when Charles doesn’t confirm her hopes of becoming a senetor of the Royal College.

Tricia is working on AAU and works with [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] when a patient, bride-to-be Mackenzie is brought in with head injuries following a drunken hen night. The pair get closer as Mark tells the patient of how his wedding was the most important day of his life and they end up getting nostalgic over the past. However Tricia’s mood changes when she notices some nasty bruises on Mackenzie and becomes convinced the woman didn’t just fall over drunk. Rememering her own past, she fears something more sinister caused Mackenzie’s injuries. Confused by Tricia’s behaviour, Mark tells her she needs to think about what she really wants. Later Tricia apologises and they go for a drink.

A man, Scott is brought in with chest pains. Elliot questions Sam and Joseph on a diagnosis. Scott is taken to theatre after suffering a pulmonary edema. Having talked to his wife, who is worried about being that much older than him, Sam realises she has been giving him pills without him knowing, that has caused his illness.

The mother of teenager Vanessa demands more information from Mickie about why her daughter wasn’t given the pill. Mickie is adamant that the information is confidential – that Vanessa refused to go on the pill. Vanessa later comes in to talk to Mickie. She wants a baby but is deluded about what motherhood will be like. Mickie tries to enlighten her.

Mickie is offered a nurse’s job on Keller. Mickie faces pressure from her mother, who is in the department, who doesn’t want her to give up being a midwife whilst Lola says she shouldn’t give up her dreams of being a doctor. Mickie confidently tells them being a nurse is what she wants to do at the current time.


* Mackenzie – head injuries.

* Scott Newell – pulmonary edema.

* Vanessa Robinson – contraception.

Notable Facts

* Ronald Pickup plays Professor Charles Byrne.

* Hazel Ellerby plays Siobhan Hendrie.

* Vanessa Robinson was previously in the department with a septic belly button in S7 E37.

* Elliot says ‘New registrars are like cornflake packets – they all look the same from the outside!’

* Asked to help diagnose a patient, Joseph has his white coat on, ‘You’ve come prepared,’ says Elliot. ‘I bet you were a boy scout’. Taking the question seriously, Joseph replies yes.

* After seeing Mackenzie’s bruises, Tricia gets angry with Mark, ‘You’ve never been able to see what’s staring you in the face!’

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