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HC Past Series

S8 E18

Episode Summary

[ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] has a new PA who’s gets under his feet; he decides to get her transferred to a different department and asks Connie to move back into his office.

Connie is worried about Joseph’s tentative work approach, Elliot says he just needs confidence and Connie is not happy when he decides to switch mentors so that he is now with Joseph. Elliot discovers Joseph has a need for having things confirmed officially in writing before he feels like he’s progressed. Elliot decides to cancel his dinner date with his wife so he can sort out Joseph’s paperwork with him.

Joseph treats a teenager, Carl, with a heart murmur. In theatre they perform a coronary artery bypass. Carl is in a band with two of his friends. His girlfriend has cheated on him but she is hurt that he is more concerned about keeping the band together than about her infidelity.

Meanwhile [ID 1598]Sam[/ID] is dealing with patient, Hal, who needs an aortic valve replacement. Sam persuades Hal to let him do a procedure on him, claiming he has done it before. Despite the operation being a success, Connie is furious that he went ahead having never previously carried out such an operation. As punishment she tells him the case won’t be going in his log book.

Donna and Chrissie both receive Valentine gifts, although neither turns out to be from secret admirers as they had hoped; Chrissie’s gifts have been from her father, [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] – not Sam as she’d hoped, while Donna was receiving gifts meant for a Donald Jackson in another department.

Mark treats Rob Logan, whose vasectomy reversal has becomes infected. He does not want his wife to know but when his condition gets worse, he has to own up to the truth; that he had a vasectomy when he was a 70’s porn star and the day that he was due to make a comeback was when he met her and decided to quit the business for good. His wife is unsure at first how to take it, but realises he loves her.


* Carl Nottingham – coronary artery bypass.

* Hal Hudson – aortic valve replacement.

* Rob Logan – infected vasectomy reversal.

Notable Facts

* Paul Nicholas plays Rob Logan.

* Chrissie’s receives three Valentines gifts, each with a note. The first reads, ‘Three Steps to Heaven. Step One – Pre-med’, the next reads ‘Step Two – Anesthetic’ and the last card reads ‘Step 3 – Surgery’ and has tickets to a health spa inside.

* Thinking the gifts are from Sam, Mark tries to sway Chrissie otherwise. But Chrissie adds, ‘He’ll have to work harder than that to impress me!’

* Connie is not happy at switching mentors. ‘Does he need your bumblebee approach?’ she says referring to Elliot mentoring Joseph.

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