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Cas Series

S19 E21

S19 E21 (22 Jan 05) : Thrown Out by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Nina turns up at Abs’s house and tells him she knew nothing about Ellen’s fraud, but he does not want to talk. At work Abs still will not speak with Nina. Nina confronts Ellen who tells her that she had to lie to Abs or she would have gone to prison. Nina warns Ellen to stay away from them. Ellen speaks to Abs and says that she never actually said her father was abusing her – he assumed it. Abs tells her she was wrong for letting him think that. Claire asks Nina what is going on with Ellen and Abs, she tells her that Abs has found out that Ellen was lying. Later that evening, Abs comes home to find Ellen cooking his favourite meal. She tries to talk to him again but he tells her that he cannot bear to look at her. Ellen says she wants them to have a real marriage. An incredulous Abs says that this is impossible and he wishes he had never met her. She retorts that he has no idea how difficult her life has been and blames him for letting himself be conned. He looses his temper, grabs her things, pushes her out of the front door and throws her onto the street.

Tess asks [ID 1347]Sam[/ID] why he defaced Comfort’s marriage certificate. Sam replies that she should not have left it lying around and that the reception is a mess. He says he will tidy up all the files before Bex arrives. Tess says that he has not been himself lately but he tells her to leave him alone. Later, Sam tells Bex that his computer has a virus. She tells him to call IT but he says he will deal with it himself. Sam works late that night and deletes all his computer files.

Bex arrives at work late. She tells Sam that has spent an amazing night with Pete. Later that day Pete comes to see Bex with a massive bouquet of flowers. He tells Bex he wants her to know that last night was not a one night stand and he will take her out that night. Bex is elated and tells Sam she thinks she might have met ‘the one’.

Woody and Luke decide that Charlie and Harry both need a woman, but cannot think of anyone that would want them – just then Selena enters..

Tess relays to Comfort the doctor’s verdict that her baby’s death was nothing to do with the accident. Comfort tells Tess she should stop blaming herself for not informing Josh she was pregnant. After trying to stop Comfort from discharging herself from the hospital Tess acquiesces and takes Comfort home at the end of her shift. Tess has arranged three week’s compassionate leave for Comfort so she can spend time in Barbados with Fin’s father and his family.

A 52 year old woman discovers she is pregnant. Her husband Derek is non too pleased when it means the loss of their freedom. After talking with Comfort, however, he suggests adoption to his wife.

An Asian teenager, Kaz, is brought in with a hand injury, her mother fears it will ruin her audition for the orchestra. Staff discover she has repetitive strain injury from her constant texting on her mobile phone.

A deaf girl is brought in after being hit by a car. Her young brother, Jordan, who witnessed the accident, makes her flee the department. They are involved in another accident and it turns out that Jordan was driving.


* Kelly Philpot – hit by car.

* Jordan Philpot – also injured in car accident.

* Molly Weatherspoon – heart problem.

* Margaret – pregnant.

* Kaz – repetitive strain injury.

Notable Facts

* Adam James plays Peter Guildford.

* David Roper plays Derek.

* Nina tells Abs ‘I don’t want to be tarred with the same brush as Ellen’ when he is frosty towards her.

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