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Cas Series

S8 E22

s8e22S8 E22 (12 Feb 94) : Relations by Nick McCarty

Episode Summary

A taxi driver comes across a badly burned woman and takes her into A&E. When they arrive, the medical staff deal with he straight away. The taxi driver tells Charlie that she owes him money for the fare, and leaves. The woman’s name is Theresa England – she calls herself Terri.

The department is busy, and there is only one receptionist. Jane finds out that Mie is late again – so is Ash. Jane has to cover reception until she gets in. They arrive together and both make excuses. Charlie and Jane tell them that it’s not to happen again.

Dave and Adele treat Terri. She has severe burns to the right side of her face, her right arm and right shoulder. She says that splashed hot fat on herself. She also tells Adele that she had been a nurse on a burns ward so she knows the score – she doesn’t want them to lie to her about the severity of her injuries. She is referred to the burns unit. She says she has no family or friends to contact, but later, the taxi driver returns. He says that he feels bad about making a fuss about the fare and to forget about it. He leaves some flowers for Terri and tells Adele about the man he saw when he found Terri. Adele asks Terri about him and she admits that she has a partner. He turns up and tells Adele that they were both drunk and were arguing because she wanted a baby and he didn’t. He admits to throwing hot fat at her in temper. On going to see Terri, he agrees that they should try for a baby. She’s pleased, but when she shows him her disfigured face, he is shocked and leaves.

A young man, Zia Jamal, argues with his father – a factory worker. He’s arranged a marriage for his son, but Zia tells his father that he won’t go through with it – he’s in love with one of the workers in the factory, Mobishira, and says that they’re going to marry, with or without his father’s permission. His father says that some things are best done the old fashioned way and if Zia marries Mobishira, he won’t be involved with the family business any more. Meanwhile, Mobishira is involved with a horrific accident at the factory when her hair is caught in some machinery. She is taken to hospital and has severe injuries to her head and hand. Zia is still determined to marry her.

two victims of a fight in a school are brought in. One of the boys, Alan Hawker, is suspected by his teacher of being a bad influence. He has bruises, two broken ribs and a fractured wrist. Later, he goes into shock and Mike diagnoses a ruptured spleen. The other boy in the fight, Peter Mayer, has a suspected skull fracture but is later given the all clear. Ash talks to Alan, who says he gets bullied and beaten up at school because his dad is a policeman. Ash says he knows what it’s like to be singled out – he went to school with mostly white children and was bullied because of his colour.


– Mobishira Ikabi – injuries to hand and head after an accident in a factory.

– Theresa England – Burns to right side.

– Alan Hawker – Bruises, broken ribs, fractured wrist, ruptured spleen. Was beaten up.

– Peter Mayer – minor head injury.

First Scene/words

[A taxi driver has just set off when a woman, Terri, comes into the road in front of him, screaming in agony.]

Last Scene/words

Dave: Mike…

Mike: Oh, Alan’s alright.

Dave: Good. You said you wanted to see me.

Mike: Oh yes. It’s just to tell you….that I think you’re doing rather a good job!

Dave: Thanks!

Mike: Fancy a pint?

Dave: A pint? Why not!

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