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Cas Series

S8 E24

S8 E24 (26 Feb 94) : Hidden Agendas by Andrew Holden

Episode summary

A blind Jamaican woman, Eileen, is attending her wedding rehearsal. She is getting married to Micheal, who is also blind. After the rehearsal, Eileen, Micheal and their families have a party to celebrate the wedding in the couple’s new flat. They’re both very happy and share a quiet moment on the fire escape together. Eileen falls down the stairs. Her shocked family accompany her to hospital, she’s unconscious. At the hospital she regains consciousness and screams with shock. Her sight, that she lost when she was 6, has returned. She tells Ash she can see him – she asks if he’s real. She’s overjoyed and so are her family, but Micheal worries that Eileen won’t want him now she can see. But later, he goes to see her, and she tells him he’s beautiful and hugs him. Mike says what happened was cause by hysteria and the problem with her sight had been psychological. Her family regard it as a miracle.

Charlie arrives late to work. It’s his 40th birthday. Jane and Rachel give him cards. He tells Ash and Jane that he’s going to resign. Jane tries to get Charlie to talk to her but he says he’s had enough. Mike learns of Charlie’s plans to resign and tries to talk to him – saying that he knows the situation with the NHS cuts isn’t ideal but that they have to push back. Charlie asks – ‘push back with what?’ – they argue, and Charlie finishes by shouting at Mike that he doesn’t want to lie to the public anymore – he doesn’t want to be a part of the NHS anymore. Later, Jane tells him that he can have the 2 E grades, but they have to lose a charge nurse. Charlie still thinks what’s happening isn’t acceptable and tells Jane he’s going to go to the press. She says he could lose his job, and he says he knows. Charlie tells Jane that he likes her a lot, and asks her out at the end of the shift. She agrees.

A man, thought to be asleep in reception, is discovered to be unconscious. Mike and Charlie are angry to be told that he had been waiting more than 3 hours to be seen. The man is taken into resus and Dave diagnoses meningitis.

A man, Jon, is in his flat, holding a gun to his head. A young Irish girl, Goldie, bangs on his door. She’s a drug addict and owes someone money, and they’re after her. When Jon opens the door, she has been beaten up, and he is then beaten up too. Jane and Josh take them both into Casualty despite Jon’s objections. Goldie has a swollen face and a dislocated shoulder, and Jon’s nose is injured. Goldie tells Jon that she wants to kill herself. He says she doesn’t mean it. He asks how much she owes the drug dealers, then proceeds to write her a cheque. She says not to give it to her – that she’ll spend the money on drugs. He says she won’t, because he’s asking her not to. She later discharges herself.

Jon is left in the cubicle. Rachel asks him to wait in reception, but he asks to be given a few minutes to compose himself. She leaves him alone. Mary walks past later and spots that he has a gun – he’s holding it to his head again. She tells Charlie, who clears the department and then goes to talk to Jon. He persuades him to give him the gun.


Goldie – dislocated shoulder and swollen face after being attacked.

Jon Gardener – injured nose after being attacked.

Eileen – has a fall and her sight is regained.

Man – meningitis.

First Scene/words

[Eileen and her father are walking down the isle at the wedding rehearsal]

Eileen: Slower, dad! Just how far is it we have to go?

Dad: Looks like a long way to me.

Last Scene/words

[we see a busy reception]

Notable Facts

* Paterson Joseph plays Michael

* Rudolph Walker plays Bill.

* It’s Charlie’s 40th birthday.

Screencaps : S8 E24

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