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Cas Series

S16 E33

S16 E33 (20 Apr 02) : Big Rocks and Very Hard Places by David Joss Buckley

Episode Summary

The Norwalk virus continues to cause havoc with the A&E department, with huge waiting times and no available beds. Paramedics are still waiting outside with a backlog of patients, and Jan persuades Max to allow in some more patients by setting up ‘mobile beds’ in the corridors. Dillon is said to be recovering well, blaming tiredness for his ill health. Patrick’s registrar job is up for offer – Simon and Lara are in competition for the position. Nikki is getting her feelings back for Jack, and acts jealously when he talks to Student Nurse Roxanne, who is planning to move in with her and Anna. Anna finally persuades her to ask him out for a drink and he accepts.

Finn tries to persuade Comfort to leave her husband. She says it’s not that easy.

With the waiting times at a maximum a fight erupts between Con, the husband of a woman, Diamond, with endometriosis wishing to hold on to an available trolley. Bill Pointer is punched and suffers a broken nose – as Lara treats him, he reveals he had nothing wrong with him in the first instance, and came to the hospital for company, since his wife died in the hospital a few months previous. He praises Lara’s work, making her cry. Charlie takes her aside and gives her comfort.

Mr Hallet comes in with constipation – but discharges himself, leaving a note for Tony, when he is told how busy they are.

Mr Piper is also brought in with an abscess in his leg. Roxanne gives him brufen for his pain, on Simon’s instruction, but he goes into shock due to an allergic reaction. Charlie gives Simon a verbal warning.

Kathleen Silver comes in with her husband, after previously coming into A&E. She has a dog bite, which has now become infected.

MP Justine Walker opens a new health centre in Holby, meanwhile her son, Danny, who has cerebral palsy is brought into A&E with his carer, Eileen, suffering from pneumonia. Max is unable to get him a bed and is forced to treat him in the corridor. But his condition worsens and he dies. Eileen goes to fetch Justine and they go to see him – and, without being warned, find him dead. Max apologises for the way in which she has found out about the death of her son, but Justine blasts Jan, and says she is to blame for the poor state of the hospital.


* Mr Hallet – constipation

* Kayley Clarke – teenager with stomach pains

* Mr Piper – abscess in leg

* Danny Walker – cerebral palsy dies of pneumonia

* Kathleen Silver – infected dog bite

* Diamond Cusack – endometriosis

* Bill Pointer – broken nose

First Scene/ words

Tony is taking a tray of sandwiches into A&E as paramedics wait outside with patients;

Finn : Yo! I knew all that training would come in use

Tony : Oh yeah six sessions for a week and pep deck, perfect preparation for yet more sandwiches

Josh : Who are those for?

Tony : Our patients – not yours

Josh : Just as well, he’s nil by mouth

Last Scene/ words

Jan : I’m quite happy for you to arrange any sort of investigation, I have nothing to hide.

Justine : Good, cos as far as I’m concerned all bucks stops here. There’s only one person to blame for the state of this hospital and she’s standing right infront of me.

Notable Facts

* Gillian Taylforth plays MP Justine Walker

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