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Cas Series

S20 E44

S20 E44 (5 Aug 06) : Happy Hour by David Joss Buckley

Episode Summary

Nathan is still on the warpath but the staff are fed up with his witch-hunt. When Nathan manipulates a confused Sam into admitting he did not dispose of the needle correctly, Charlie is furious to find a tearful Sam packing up his locker and tells Nathan he is a bully. The staff all protect Sam and Nathan is forced to back down.

Couple Viv and Gerry have opened a new bar, however with Gerry more concerned over his business, he is unknowing that his wife has been having an affair with Paul. A punter, Loz, causes trouble and outside pushes Viv against the wall where she injures her wrist. In hospital, she reveals to Gerry about her affair. When he confronts Paul, he collapses from a stroke. Viv, who considers splitting from Gerry, goes back to him.

Meanwhile back at the bar, a group of teenagers are having a drink. Sadie is unimpressed that outcast Natalie isn’t drinking but suddenly she starts acting very drunk – her overprotective grandmother turns up and is furious with her. In the toilets, Natalie collapses after taking an overdose. Guppy treats her and learns that only a small amount of alcohol could have a bad affect on her – a condition which her mother also had. The grandmother has always blamed Natalie’s mother for a road accident that killed her and her son, thinking she had been drink driving.

Sadie is later brought in after Loz attempted to assault her which resulted in her pushing him down some steps. As they are picked up by the paramedics Loz threatens Comfort and Nina steps in a punches him. Back at hospital Sadie admits she spiked Natalie’s drink.

Tess visits the rehab clinic where her husband, Mike, is and tells Sam that he is being discharged, however Sam doesn’t look overly impressed by the news.


* Viv – wrist injury and minor cuts.

* Gerry – stroke.

* Natalie – overdose and rare condition which is affected by alcohol in her system.

* Sadie – broken collar bone.

Memorable Moments

* Josh says about Greg, ‘If he gets to big for his boots – give him one word.. Ashes!’

* The team get Nathan to back down by all admitting in turn that it was them who did not discard of the needle properly. Nathan is unimpressed. ‘Hope you’re proud of them Harry!’ he retorts.

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