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Cas Series

S20 E19

S20 E19 (7 Jan 06) : Poisoned Love by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Jas tells Guppy he doesn’t have to help him die – he could just leave a syringe out. Guppy agrees to find a syringe for his father. Later, Guppy tries to steal a syringe of potassium when Abs questions him. Guppy covers and Abs leaves. Abs realises Guppy’s trying to get the potassium to his father and steers him downstairs. When Abs is interrupted Guppy spots his opportunity to leave and get the syringe. Abs finds Guppy and tells him if he has to, he’ll report him. Guppy goes in to see Jas. They have a meaningful, nostalgic conversation. Guppy leaves the syringe for his father, telling him he loves him. Later Guppy regrets his decision and rushes to see his dad. Jas lies with his arm closed and the syringe on the floor. But Jas opens his eyes and explains he couldn’t do it because he was too weak. Guppy says he’s sorry but he can’t help him anymore. Jas tells Guppy he’s proud he had the strength to follow his own judgement. Guppy tells Abs he couldn’t go through with it.

Meanwhile, Harry tries to cool his relationship with Ellen but she arranges for them to go to the opera. Harry tells Ellen he’s tried to get hold of the babysitter, but she’s busy. However, Ellen says she’s already booked her. Harry’s impressed and they head off together.

A drug addict smashes the window of a surgery, desperate to find drugs inside. He runs off when the police arrive.Meanwhile an alcoholic mother, Lauren, asks her young son, John-Paul, to get some drink for her. He steals some vodka from a shop and runs off. He comes across the drug addict (who is infact his mother’s boyfriend), who warns him not to tell the police about him and pushes him to the floor. The vodka bottle smashes in his trouser pocket injuring him. A local doctor, Donald, comes across the boy and calls the paramedics.

In hospital, Guppy and Abs treat John-Paul. Guppy is suspicious when he realises the glass in his leg is from a vodka bottle and when his mother arrives, she claims that he must have been drinking. After the boy suffers a panic attack and when they find him putting vodka in his baby sister’s milk bottle, Abs realises more is going on. John-Paul decides to leave the baby hidden in the hospital when he gets into a car with his mother to leave so as to protect his sister. His mother doesn’t realise as they drive off, believing she is asleep in the car seat.

Back at the surgery, the drug addict has returned and attacks GP Donald. Maggie treats him in hospital and discovers he has been self-prescribing. Kelsey, still missing Woody, persuades his colleague to tell him how she really feels about him.

Elsewhere a woman, Sabrina, has her appointment at the surgery cancelled after the incident. She is annoyed as she needs her jabs for a holiday she is going and heads into the ED. Bruno spots a money-making opportunity when he offers to do it for her privately for cash. However when Tess finds the prescription, she confronts Bruno and he is only saved by some quick-thinking sob-story from the woman.

Notable Facts

* John-Paul Dunsford – glass cut to leg.

* Donald Trafford – attacked and addiction to oxycodin.

* Sabrina Watkins – given travel jabs.

Notable Facts

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Leanne Lakey plays Lauren Dunsford.

* Beverly Hills plays Beverley Green.

* Kelsey is still mourning Woody, ‘It just seems like everyones forgotten about him’ she tells Bruno. bruno suggest a memorial fund, only so he can pocket some of the cash.

* During Guppy and Jas meaningful conversation, Jas tells him ‘You have honoured your father’ and gives him a bracelet.

* Ellen bought tickets for Jools Holland.

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