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Cas Series

S20 E04

S20 E4 (24 Sep 05) : That’s Amore by Katie Hims

Episode Summary

Woody thinks back to when he slept with Susan and, after checking Matt’s records, soon realises that the dates match. Is Woody about to become a dad?

Meanwhile, Will ignores Ellen’s calls so the mischievous nurse hatches a plan to win him back when she discovers Selena is being discharged from hospital, by making Selena catch Ellen at his house in her negligee. However, her meddling soon backfires and it leaves both Selena and Ellen heartbroken.

Elsewhere, Harry worries when Jas tells him he discovered Harry was once self-prescribing anti-depressants. The scheming doctor says he will report Harry if he does not keep quiet about the drugs trial.

Bruno and Kelsey stalk the department with a ‘sex survey’, asking the staff how many partners they’ve had. Abs is shocked to learn that Nina is far more experienced than him.

Tess asks Sam to stop seeing Fleur, but on Comfort’s advice she later invites Fleur to dinner.

Two men plan to rob a resturant. Shane heads in and makes a grab for the till. But he gets into a fight with waiter, Enzo, who pushes him through a glass door. Shane is taken to hospital by his friend. His pregnant girlfriend, Carrie, arrives. Enzo also comes in the ED with an injured eye – he is Carrie’s ex-boyfriend. They split up over interference from his mother but he admits he still loves her. They decide to get back together until Carrie realises he won’t change his ways.

Regular elderly patient, Mr Hartley, is brought in by the paramedics. He bores anyone who’ll listen with his collection of family photos and looks like a timewaster. However he later collapses in the corridor from a stroke. Guppy tries to make contact with his family but discovers he doesn’t have any.

A boy, Aidan, calls paramedics Josh and Woody to woodland where he claims his Dad, Nigel, has been injured. Woody, with Aidan, and Josh split up to find the father. Woody climbs a tree and radios to Josh when he can see Nigel in the woods. Meanwhile, Woody then has to rescue Aidan who has fallen down a hill injuring his arm. Josh picks up Nigel who has head injuries and concussion.

Harry treats patient, Monica, who has injured her shoulder after a fall at work. Monica is training to become a medic. Harry discovers a more serious condition – a thyroid carcenoma.


* Shane Wheeler – pushed through glass window.

* Mr Hartley – stroke.

* Aidan Atkins – broken wrist.

* Nigel Atkins – head injury, concussion.

* Monica Pritchard – clavical fracture and thyroid carcenoma.

Notable Facts

* Gary Mavers plays Will Manning.

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* During Kelsey’s sex survey, Abs reveals he has had 4 sexual partners, Bruno ‘Around the 20 mark’ and Nina ‘I’ll have to start counting!’

* When Kelsey asks Harry how many he’s slept with, he replies ‘Haven’t you got anything more profound to think about?’

* Ellen says to Carrie ‘When it comes to love, you just have to be selfish!’

* Woody slept with Susan at the Reading Festival in August 1994. Checking Matthew’s records, he learns his date of birth is June 5th 1995. When Josh sees him later he says ‘Looks like you’ve been slapped in the face with a wet fish!’

* Will tries to explain his infidelity to Selena saying it was ‘bad timing’. Selena replies ‘There’s a limit to even my stupidity!’

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