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Cas Series

S20 E18

S20 E18 (31 Dec 05) : Out of Your Depth by Catherine Tregenna

Episode Summary

Time is running out for Jas as his condition deteriorates and he begs Guppy to help him. Guppy confides in both Harry and Abs and later tells his father he cannot help him and they should spend what precious time he has left together.

Harry is feeling the heat from manager Nathan about the four-hour rule and his team aren’t happy with him. Ellen hatches a plan, so that Harry is provoked into defending his actions against Nathan and getting his department to realise the pressure he is under. But Harry is angered at her meddling.

Abs treats patient, Jenny, who has been brought in from a nursing home after a fall. Having been told she was brain dead, Abs soon discovers she is fully aware of her surroundings despite being unable to speak and stays behind after hs shift to care for her. When her husband arrives, he at first doesn’t believe him and has mixed emotions at coming to terms with her change in circumstances.

Nina thaws when she sees this compassionate side to Abs and he manages to win her back, but she says they should take things easy and have fun. Abs agrees and, accompanied by a bunch of male strippers – one of whom came to ED with a burnt chest – does the full monty for her. However, without him realising, a number of staff have also witnessed it!

At a pool party, teenager Tania is pushed into the pool. Her friend, Ellis, is unaware of this and as he dives into the pool, he falls on her head. Tania’s friend doesn’t want to be in trouble with the police and orders everyone out, whilst they call an ambulance for Ellis. She persuades Tania to go clubbing with her and take cocaine, but later feeling unwell, Petra calls an ambulance for her too. The team are annoyed with Petra when she fails to tell them all the details surrounding her friend’s illness.


* Leo – regular drunk with a dart stuck in his head.

* Tania – head injuries, cerebral contusion.

* Ellis – leg injury.

* Jenny Bradshaw – fracured hip, wrongly diagnosed brain dead.

* Otis – burns to chest from waxing.

Notable Facts

* ‘Good to have you back – I need your support’ tells Tess to Charlie on his return.

* Pussycat Dolls ‘Don’t Cha’ and Kaiser Chiefs ‘I Predict A Riot’ play at the pool party.

* Jas is still annoyed that Guppy won’t help him die. Guppy apologises. ‘Not sorry enough to help me – it’s one act of courage,’ Jas begs.

* Petra tries to cover up the incident by sweet talking Josh and giving him a kiss – Josh is impressed! ‘Put your tongue back in!’ Nina mocks.

* Nina is not sure whether her relationship with Abs is worth saving, Josh advises ‘Don’t throw everything away just because you’re “not sure” – life’s too short’.

* Kelsey is missing Woody, ‘I keep expecting him to come bouncing around the corner’.

* Nina reads a card on the chocolate present that was meant for her from Abs, it says ‘I am the man you thought I was’.

* Tess wolf-whistles the strippers whilst Sam is unhappy at having to work New Years Eve.

* Abs is embarrased when he is the only one of the strippers to do the whole full monty. ‘It’s a ritual – every new boy gets’ says the stripper who pulled the prank.

* The strippers are called the ‘Holby Hot Buns’.

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