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S20 E21 (21 Jan 06) : The Things We Do For Love by Jason Sutton & Catherine Tregenna

Episode Summary

Harry has to treat Nathan’s mum, Peggy, in under 4 hours whilst a journalist is let loose in his department. Nathan’s mum had slipped at home, injuring her wrist. Being a busy day, the pressure mounts and a mix-up with x-rays leads to Harry messing up Peggy’s treatment.

Meanwhile, Maggie overhears Bruno bragging to Kelsey that he recently didn’t attend a course but still got paid for it. Maggie forces Bruno to re-book the course but without payment this time. Bruno is furious and deliberately winds Maggie up about the four-hour rule. He then records her rant on his mobile and gives it to the journalist.

Abs treats confused patient Angus who has cut wounds to his arms. When his wife and small baby arrive, Angus is adamant at not wanting to see them. Abs discovers he is hearing voices, telling him to hurt his family. His psychosis has been triggered from the death of his father.

Security guard, Andy, decides to bungee jump of his work building to propose to his girlfriend, Becky. Becky has been having an affair with another colleague, Cal, but Andy pretends he doesn’t know. However the stunt goes wrong and Andy crashes through a window. In hospital, the couple break up, however Becky realises she does want to be with Andy and gets him to propose again.


* Peggy Spencer – fractured wrist.

* Andy Massey – falls through glass window.

* Angus Regis – cut arm, psychosis.

Notable Facts

* Elizabeth Bell plays Peggy Spencer.

* Steve Huison plays Angus Regis.

* Kelsey pulls a prank on Bruno by pretending to be the Fraud Office.

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