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Cas Series

S20 E40

S20 E40 (10 Jun 06) : Abide With Me by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

The new paramedic Greg is late for work. He immediately has a run in with Maggie who is just arriving in her new car and has to swerve to avoid his dog, Grub. Nina is unimpressed when she realises that he is late because he couldn’t find anyone to look after his dog, and has brought her to work with him. She tries to find out about Greg’s background but he gives little away.

Their first shout is to an accident involving a horse drawn carriage heading to a funeral which has collided with a young boy joyrider. Greg sees the boy, Jimmy, run off before calming down the runaway horse. Back at hospital, the bereaved grandmother resorts to desperate measures to keep her granddaughter in her sights.

They are next called to a flat where a woman has had a heroin overdose. When Jimmy shows up, Greg realises she is his mother but he again runs away.

After the paramedics’ shift, Nina is asked to show Greg around, but he is more interested tracking down the boy who ran off before he could be treated. He uses his dog to help track him down at a housing estate and convinces him to return to the hospital. Greg supports Jimmy, who learns his mother has died and even lets him keep his dog. Nina is incredulous when Josh doesn’t tell Greg off for having his dog in the ambulance – instead commending him for showing initiative.

Meanwhile Nathan is frosty towards Maggie on her first day in her new position. He calls in on Harry and says funding for her Consultant’ post is now not being made available and leaves Harry to tell her the bad news. Maggie is upset.

Abs is shocked to discover Ellen has stopped her chemo. Abs tells her the reiki should be used with chemo not as a substitute.

Wheelchair bound Chris Carter, who is in the department to speak with Nathan, takes a shine to Alice. He ends up injured following a fight in the car park over parking bays.


* Jimmy Nixon – minor injuries.

* Jimmy’s mother – dies of heroin overdose.

* Rachel Dryver – broken arm.

* Chris Carter – facial injuries.

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