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Cas Series

S19 E32

S19 E32 (9 Apr 05) : In the Dark by Colin McDonald & Catherine Tregenna

Episode Summary

Luke brings Bex into work – she is shaky, thinking Pete was outside her house. Luke says he will support her as she brings Pete to justice. Claire gets increasingly annoyed as Luke seems to be giving Bex more attention than her. She tells him she has told Pete and wishes they could be open about their relationship at work. Later, Luke agrees to a night in with Bex as she is still shaky. He tries to reschedule his evening with Claire as he will be seeing Bex. Claire goes mad and storms over to Bex, telling her that she is Luke’s girlfriend now. Charlie tries to intervene but it’s too late. Bex is devastated. Luke is furious with Claire. Later, Luke finds Bex crying and tries to apologise to her but she is inconsolable – Claire’s brother raped her. She cannot understand how Luke can be with Claire and says she’ll never forgive him.

After a fire at the psyhicatric unit where Sam had previously attended, one man, Dennis dies and and another alcoholic man, Ron, with depression is brought in. Sam, who is in the department at the time, worries Tess when he gets involved with Ron but she ends up being proud of the way he manages the situation.

Harry announces to Nina and Claire that he is their new landlord. Nina is not impressed. Abs and Nina return home to find they’ve been robbed by the loanshark. He calls, saying he’s taken what he wanted – for now.

Two men arrive in the ED after a pub crawl. One has minor cuts to his face and the other is after a new prosthetic hand after losing his other one.

Two teenage boys, Vinnie and Carl, are brought in after they are injured in a rugby scrum. Josh is angry when he discovers the boys have been moved off the pitch. Vinnie admits to his dad that he hates playing rugby and feels to blame when Carl’s condition worsens and he dies.


* Dennis – dies in fire.

* Ron Wadham – alcoholic depressive injured in house fire.

* Carl – dies after a rugby scrum collapses on him.

* Vinnie – minor injuries from rugby scrum.

* Kevin – minor head injuries.

* Man – Loses prosthetic hand.

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