S19 E11

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S19 E11 (13 Nov 04) : Horses for Courses by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

It is the day of Fin’s funeral, and Comfort tells Tess she is unsure whether to keep the baby. The police visit Comfort, asking for permission to attend and explaining that it has been known for killers to turn up at their victim’s funeral. Comfort agrees but, when Fin’s ex-wife and son turn up, she screams at them to leave. Tess, however, allows them to stay. During the burial, Comfort collapses with stomach pains and is taken to hospital. A scan reveals there could be a problem with the pregnancy.

Bex is confused when Sam does not mention the other night and, later, he tells her they should go out together again soon.

Abs tells Ellen that he is sorry he cannot marry her and confesses to Nina about the proposal. She confronts Ellen and calls her selfish, but Ellen tells Nina to mind her own business and is annoyed with Abs for breaking her confidence.

Selena plans to get Guppy to realise his potential but it backfires when he learns it is a set-up. Guppy makes another mistake when he discharges a patient with a broken neck. The patient is later re-admitted and could be paralysed. Guppy is distraught but then makes a correct diagnosis and withdraws his resignation.

Bex gives Kate a hard time on her first day in her new job, calling her manipulative. Kate decides to move out of Luke’s house, saying it will be easier for everyone.

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