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Cas Series

S14 E23

S14 E23 (5 Feb 00) : Burned Out Hearts by Susan Boyd

Episode Summary

The team get to work treating Frank. Max tries to help, giving orders, but Charlie persuades him to leave. The police arrive asking to speak to Frank’s doctor. Max talks to them but doesn’t tell them Frank is his son. They start going on about drugs counsellors being ex-junkies, and Max snaps and attacks them. Another policeman holds him back, and he tells them he’s Frank’s dad. They let go of him. Angie comes in to ask how Frank is, and Max asks her if she’d tell him if she knew anything.

Frank starts to deteriorate and his heart stops. They start heart massage and give him adrenaline. Tina goes to fetch Max, saying she thinks he should come. Patrick is giving Frank more adrenaline, reluctant to give up hope. Max comes in, and when he sees what’s happening he suggests they stop. He has tears in his eyes. The others agree. They leave Max alone with Frank. Max, crying, kisses his forehead.

Holly is treating Neil Kitkowski. He’s homeless and has come in with an ear infection, but starts vomiting blood. He says he has cirrhosis but it hasn’t been treated. He says he’s depressed and admits to taking drugs; he says he’d welcome death.

Reg Podmore is handing out leaflets in reception offering spiritual healing. Charlie tells him to leave; he tells Charlie, “You’re running on auto-pilot, emotionally.” He goes to the building where he holds the sessions. Two women, Sheila and Gloria, who have come to see him, start talking while they are waiting. Sheila says she’s not come for her but for her son – she doesn’t know where he is or if he’s OK. Gloria goes in to see Reg first. She talks to her husband, who died years ago, through Reg. Reg tells her that her husband is telling her to live in the real world, saying there’s plenty of time to talk to him on the other side, and she shouldn’t be wasting her life. Gloria is upset by this; she goes into a fit. An ambulance is called and Sheila goes with her to A&E. As they are waiting, Sheila overhears Holly saying something about Neil Kitkowski. She asks if he’s here, saying he’s her son. She goes in to see him. She says she wants to help him to get better. Neil goes on about the way she used to have boyfriends who beat them both up. She says she’s changed. They remember the good times they had. He tells her he’s really ill; he says he’s scared of dying. She says she’ll look after him this time. Holly tells her that if he stays off the drink and drugs he should be OK; Sheila tells her she’ll make sure he does.

Patrick sees Gloria. She tells him she’s been epileptic for years, but has stopped taking her medication recently, saying she wanted to let nature take its course. She says she hasn’t had a fit for two years. Patrick criticises her for not taking her medication; he says she’ll have to be admitted as she was knocked out when she fell, and says it’s a waste of the hospital’s resources. She’s angry at his attitude and discharges herself.

Frank’s mother Joan comes to A&E, asking to see Max. Max takes her in to see Frank; she starts crying and he puts his arm round her and leads her away. They go to his office. Max holds her. Joan says they could have made him happier, and asks why they were so angry when they first split up. They talk about Frank’s childhood. Max suddenly wonders how Angie knew that Frank would be in A&E, and guesses that she saw something. He contacts her and asks her to come in.

Matt Tyler and Jon Crowe, the dealers who killed Frank, are looking for Angie. Jon wants to make sure she doesn’t split on them. Matt is feeling guilty about what they did. He says he can’t face seeing to Angie tonight. He pushes Jon and runs away. Jon chases him.

Chloe is babysitting Milo while Amy is at her first band rehearsal. It goes well, and Chloe brings Milo to the pub as the rehearsal finishes. Amy invites Chloe back to her place, and they get into a taxi. The taxi driver is interested in Milo, saying he has twins the same age. He shows them a photo, and isn’t watching the road. Suddenly Matt and Jon run out in front of the taxi, and it hits them; Jon is thrown over the roof. Milo bangs his head and Amy is worried about him. Jon and Matt are taken to A&E.

Max has come down to see Angie when the call comes through letting them know about the RTA. Max offers to help; Charlie is surprised he hasn’t gone home but Max says he’d rather be there. He tells Angie to wait for him and goes into resus. They treat Jon, who is badly injured, and Max saves his life. Angie, hanging round, bumps into Matt, who says he’ll kill her if she even thinks of grassing them up. She leaves.

Leona comes into A&E. She’s a regular; she needs psychiatric referrals but never keeps her appointments. She wants to see Charlie; she hurls abuse at him as she does everyone else but says he’s not as bad as the rest. She shows him a bruise; he tells her it’s just a bruise. He asks why she doesn’t keep her appointments. She leaves. She ends up at Reg Podmore’s centre as he is leaving. She asks if he can heal her and he tells her to come back another day. He gets in his car, and she’s leaning against it. He drives away and she falls over. She returns to Holby A&E, and Charlie treats her cut. She asks what it would involve if she went to the psychiatrist. Charlie tells her, and she agrees to go, saying she’ll be able to come in and see him when she does. She tells him he’s one of her best friends. Charlie agrees that he probably is, and smiles at her.

Tina tells Sean she can’t tell Max about them now, and says that if Max wants her to be with him tonight, he’ll have to be. Sean agrees reluctantly. However, Max tells Tina he thinks he should stay with Joan. Sean asks Tina if she wants to go for a drink. She agrees. Sean watches Max leave with Joan, and says he feels guilty and maybe they shouldn’t go for the drink. Tina says that they’d have to face the guilt anyway and persuades him to go. Max helps Joan into his car. She’s sobbing. He gets in and puts his arms round her.


– Frank, Max’s son, bad burns all over his body, eventually arrests and dies

– Gloria Williams, a 58-year-old epileptic, who has a grand mal fit

– Neil Witkowski, a homeless young man with ear infection and cirrhosis

– Jon Crowe, 29, one of the drugdealers that set Frank on fire, hit by car

– Matt Tyler, Jon’s friend, only some cuts after being hit by car

– Leona, a woman in need of psychiatric care, a big bruise on her backside

First Scene/words

[The staff is in resus trying to save Frank’s life.]

Patrick: He’s definitely gonna need a tube, these two lines aren’t gonna be enough. These vains are useless. We’re gonna need to do a central line. Come on, what’s the matter with you?

Sean: It’s Frank.

Tina: This is Max’s son. Max, Max, come on, don’t… Let us take care of him.

Last Scene/words

[Max is sitting in his car hugging a crying Joan. Tina and Sean are leaving together and she turns around to look at Max and Joan before walking away.]

Notable Facts

– Max’s son Frank dies

– Amy (Rebecca Wheatley) is singing ‘Stay With Me Baby’ in the background in the scenes after Frank has died.

Guide by Alison & Karin.

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