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Cas Series

S14 E13

S14 E13 (27 Nov 99) : Looking After Number One by Nick Saltrese

Episode Summary

A 75-year-old woman, Sheila James, is brought in by her husband, Joe. She says that she has fallen and Holly diagnoses a broken wrist. However, Holly and Duffy notice grip-like marks on her arm and wonder if the husband is telling the truth about the accident.

A man, Graham, goes to see Lisa at her flat. Lisa collapses and she is taken to A&E with Graham. Whilst being treated in a cubicle by Adam, Lisa starts to cry. She tells Adam that she is a prostitute and Graham is one of her punters. She says that when she was younger, she was always compared to her brother and was not as clever as him. She wanted to make a lot of money like he was. She tells Adam that she fears she may have aids. Adam tries to persuade her to be tested for the condition. Graham says that he could care for her, and they could live together. Lisa says that it can’t happen.

Amy turns up late – with her son, Milo. Charlie is annoyed as the department is busy. Amy says that her mum will be there any minute for Milo and Charlie agrees to look after Milo until she arrives. Chloe is then persuaded to take over. Tina comes into the office and asks Chloe if she is okay with Milo so soon after her abortion. Chloe says she is fine but she has no regrets.

A man, ‘Arthur Brain’, turns up with his ventriloquist’s dummy, Neville. He has a bump on the head due to someone throwing a bottle at the stage. He also has a growth on his hand. Holly treats him.

Tina thanks Max for the Mozart tickets he had given her in the previous episode, but tells Max she didn’t go with Sean. Max talks to Sean about his relationship with Tina, and also tries to talk with Tina about Sean. Tina later persuades Max, with the help of Holly and Sean, to take part in the sponsored parachute jump.

A teenage boy, Steve, is selling drugs to pay for his university fees. His sister Julie knows about it, and takes a bottle of the substance, hiding it in the cupboard, as she does not want Steve to get into trouble. Julie’s younger brother Luke, who is 5, finds the bottle and drinks some of the contents. He becomes ill and is taken to hospital, but Steve tells Julie not to mention the drugs; the doctors will know what to do. In hospital, Julie realises how serious it is and tells Max that Luke has taken drugs. The whole story comes out and their mother is very upset and angry. Steve is taken away by the police.

Max talks to Duffy, asking if she wants to come out for a drink. Duffy is uncomfortable and says that she can’t. Charlie talks to Duffy, saying that he’s sorry if she thinks he’s interfering. Duffy tells him that she and Max are both adults, both capable of making their own decisions, and that she didn’t want to discuss the matter with him. Duffy later asks to talk to Max in private. She says that they should end their relationship because people will get hurt. Max says he doesn’t understand and he doesn’t see any complications. Duffy reminds him of her family but Max says that didn’t bother her before. Duffy says that other people know – and glances at Charlie. Max sees the look and says that he now understands, turning away from Duffy angrily.

Max asks to talk to Charlie. He tells Charlie that Duffy has finished with him, and asks if Charlie is pleased. Charlie says it’s none of his business but Max reminds him that he had spoken to Duffy about the matter. Charlie says that he spoke to her as a friend, and Max says that he thought he and Charlie were friends, but he was wrong. Max walks out of the office, telling Charlie that their friendship is over and it will be hard working together in he future.

:A young man, Terry, comes in with a head injury. He tells Max that he walked into something. Terry complains about being stuck in the cubicle for so long. Barney and Adam, who chat to him, stitch his head. Terry gets irritated and tells them to shut up. Mr Jones sees him, and accuses him of injuring his wife, Sheila. Duffy asks what is going on, and Terry says he wants the police – and accuses Mr Jones of causing his head wound with a golf club. Mr Jones tells Terry to leave them alone. He leaves. The Jones’ tell Duffy that they had let him do some jobs round the house – giving him a chance even though he had been in prison. Then he had tried to steal from the house and had pushed Shelia when she tried to stop him. Mr Jones says that he couldn’t help hitting Terry when he saw what he had done to Sheila.

Sean tries to talk to Chloe about the baby. Chloe tells him that she had an abortion a few weeks ago. Sean is angry that he wasn’t told but Chloe says it was her decision; that she would have been the one caring for the baby, not him. She says that although he offered her money, that wasn’t the support she needed.


Shelia Jones: fractured wrist

Terry: head wound

Luke: took drugs accidentally

Arthur Brain: Head and hand injury

Lisa: collapses.

First Scene/words

[Charlie walks out of his office and into reception.]

Holly: Charlie, peads is free now.

Charlie: Right, thanks Holly. Right, Starchy, I’m not going to tell you again, go on, behave yourself or you’re out in the car park. Come on, sit down.

Last Scene/words

[Max walks out of Charlie’s office, leaving him alone. Charlie looks up and sees Duffy at reception. They look at each other, then Duffy turns away, leaving Charlie upset and confused.]

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