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Cas Series

S14 E19

S14 E19 (9 Jan 00) : Untouchable by Katharine Way

Episode Summary

A man is out jogging then notices another man who is found out to be called Steve, he is found unconscious at the bottom of a flight of stairs on a street having taken a heroin overdose. Frank Gallagher calls for a ambulance. A short while later a bogus paramedic turns up about to give Steve (the patient) paracetamol to be told not to by Frank who works at a drug addiction rehab centre. Luckily Josh and Penny arrive on the scene a few moments later for Frank to be told the bogus paramedic was someone that was often in the area trying to get to patients before the real paramedics could. Steve gets taken off to hospital.

Back at another house a young girl keeps saying to her mum that she feels unwell and after a short arguement of her mum telling her she had got an appointment made for her at the doctors at 4pm that day. A little later on in the episode Sarah is seen out in the garden picking some poisonous long and thin, green looking plants. Her brother notices her and calls their mum but Sarah runs off. Later on Sarah is sick then runs off outside, her mum chases her as Sarah pushes a bycicle over making her mum trip and fall. A ambulance is called and yet again the bogus paramedic gets there before then taking Sarah. Josh and Penny arrive and don’t know where she has gone but keep telling her mother that she is fine, later Sarah is found at the hospital. Given some medication to reverse the effect of the foxgloves and her and her mother get put in a cubicle next to one another where they sort their differences out. Her mother had ended up with a broken leg.

Duffy confronts Patrick about his bad treatment of the other staff after working on the patient called Steve (the heroin addict that had been found at the beginning of the program) along with Barney who he kept calling Benjy until Barney corrected him. Then Patrick stops doing it although keeps having a dig at the staff for one reason or another during the rest of the program.

A woman called Angela goes to see Frank at the rehab centre saying that she has no money and a bad heroin addiction. Later on in the program Angela gets mixed up in a couple of dodgy guys who try and sell her more heroin, she tries refusing it but fails and they tell her she has to get money from somewhere so at the end of the episode Angela is seen in the car park. Adam goes out to his car, spots Angela sitting on a bench and goes over to her wondering if she is ok. Angela then quickly tackles Adam to the ground trying to get money off of him. Chloe and Barney then come out and rush over to him trying to check him over seeing that he is bleeding from his nose then as they try to get a look at him he blurts out that he is HIV positive so they just stand there stunned as he had never told them before.

A young boy is being treated in a cubical who is with his mother for some kind of ink poisoning from attempting to tattoo himself with a pen. Him and Adam who is treating him start winding each other a bit to be told to keep the noise down saying its not a ‘playground’ by Patrick who is in the cubicle next door. Later on in the episode that boys mother who is called Lisa is at a shopping centre when collapses, the man going around impersonating that he is a paramdeic arrives on the scene before Josh and Penny and gives Lisa a injection, Josh and Penny arrive there a few minutes later demanding what Richard (unqualified paramedic) had injected her with. He eventually tells them then they are carted off to hospital as someone waits with Richard until the police gets there to take him away.

First Scene/words

(Max and Tina are in the car approaching the hospital. They are in Max’s car and Max is driving. They stop outside the front entrance.)

Max: See, its got everything, this car.

Tina: Jacuzzi?

Max: In the boot.

Tina: Left Gliding seats?

Max: Control yourself woman.

Tina: Say, just who are you hoping to pick up?

Max: Oh I don’t know, blondes mainly. Look, you go in, I’ll drive round for a bit. If anyone asks just say you came in on the bus, ok?

Tina: There’s nothing to be frightened of Max, we’re both free and single.

Max: I know. I just don’t want everyone to know, not yet.

Tina: Got to tell them sometime.

Max: I’m just waiting for the right moment, thats all.

Tina: Ok, so long as there is one. We’re not doing anything wrong. Okay, see you in there.

(They kiss then Tina gets out of the car and walks off into the hospital).

Last Scene/words

(In the car-park – after Angela trys to mug Adam – When Chloe and Barney go over to him to see if he is alright).

Adam: Don’t touch me, I mean it.

Barney: What? Just try and relax.

Adam: Look don’t touch me, you need to protect yourselves.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Adam: I’m HIV positive. I’m HIV positive.

Notable Facts

*Richard Fowler – Tim Wylton

*Angela Lynch – Doraly Rosen

*Jon Crowe – Ian Fitzgibbon

*Sarah Palmer – Gemma Gregory

*Matt Tyler – Darren Tighe

*Robbie Welsh – Joseph Cox

*Caroline Palmer – Deborah Findlay

*Alex Palmer – Anton Gregory

*Lisa Welsh – Keeley Gainy

*Keith Welsh – John Drummond

Review by Victoria.

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