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Cas Series

S14 E04

S14 E4 (2 Oct 99) : Words and Deeds by Ben Cooper

Episode Summary

Sam is staying with a mate; Adam tells Sunny his mate won’t let him near the phone. Max mentions that Duffy is camping in the Lake District; Charlie is surprised that she told Max, not having told him.

Sunny is late for work, having been to see the bank manager to get a holiday sorted. He is put under pressure by Charlie to shift some junk from a room being cleared out to build a new resusc room, and later threatened in the ambulance bay by a guy after he tells him to move his car.

Adam goes to ask Charlie about his application form for the nursing post. He tells Charlie that he’s HIV positive and asks whether he should declare it and whether it would prevent him getting the job. Charlie says he’ll have to declare it but he should still be in with a chance for the job. Charlie thinks Adam will make a good nurse but says it’s up to Occupational Health and Personnel, and there would be limits on the kind of things he’s allowed to do. Charlie agrees to check Adam’s form if he goes ahead with it.

Charlie is seeing to Dennis Smith, who appears to have no symptoms. He calls Holly and tells her he thinks he’s a hopper; they have a bet on whether or not Dennis’s doctor exists. Dennis is later found coughing up blood in reception, and Max examines him, but Holly finds out that he had previously been in hospital but was later found to have Munchausen’s. They go to the cubicle, Max finds a packet of blood up his leg, and they throw him out.

Nick Sharpe has just come out of prison, after serving a sentence for beating up Barry Morgan. His brother Paul and mate Gilbert meet him and tell him they’ve got him a job. Nick wants to see his daughter Kelly but they tell him Kelly’s mum Stacey won’t let him unless he’s on the straight and narrow, with a job, so he agrees to go. It turns out they are working for Barry; Gilbert is in charge but hasn’t got a driver in time and Barry threatens not to pay. Nick volunteers to drive the excavator; he is capable but hasn’t got a license for it. He does the job whilst the others are at lunch. Barry comes back and says he’ll report Nick for doing the job without a license. Nick gets mad, gets back in the excavator and starts smashing up Barry’s car. Barry tries to stop him but Nick throws him out of the cab; he is knocked out and taken to A&E. Gilbert tries to bribe him not to press charges against Nick but Barry won’t agree. Nick drives away from the hospital with Paul, almost knocking down Josh on the way. Sunny pushes Josh out of the way.

Christine Phillips gets back from a court case and tells her mum Joan that she’s been banned from driving for six months. She is worried about her business but Joan offers to drive for her. She takes Christine’s son Jack with her to pick up Christine’s car. She arrives at some roadworks at the same time as Nick Sharpe. He goes through a green light at his end but sees Joan heading towards him. The two cars collide head-on. Paul and Jack are both taken into resus; Joan is taken to A&E but Nick runs off, chased by Sunny. After running through A&E he eventually jumps out of a window, twisting his ankle, and is taken to a cubicle.

Christine arrives in A&E. She sees Nick and when she realises he was involved in the accident she goes over and yells at him, blaming him. He denies driving too fast and says that Joan jumped the lights. He gets really angry and goes to find Joan, shaking her, telling her to say it was her fault, which Joan denies. Sunny throws Nick out; Nick wants to get back in to see Paul, and starts hitting Sunny. Sunny hits back, harder, and Charlie has to pull him back. Charlie sends Sunny to his office; Nick goes back to his cubicle. Max has to break the news to Nick that Paul has died, and Nick again gets into a rage with Max, saying he’d said Paul was going to be OK.

Sean and Max examine Joan and discover that she has poor eyesight and cannot see anything to the side of her. Joan didn’t know this and realises that the accident was her fault as she shouldn’t have been driving. After Jack is taken up to a ward, Joan approaches the police to tell them what happened.

Charlie is angry with Sunny; he has been asking Gary Milton for more security guards but this incident has blown their chances. Sunny says he lost his head; he’s really sorry and it won’t happen again, but Charlie says it’s too late. He says have to put it through a full disciplinary procedure and suspends Sunny, saying he has no choice. Sunny walks away from the hospital.


Dennis Smith – munchausen’s.

Barry Morgan – is knocked out.

Nick Sharpe – Involved in a car crash; twisted ankle.

Joan Phillips – Involved in the car crash, minor injuries.

Jack Phillips – Involved in the car crash; is admitted to the ward.

First Scene/words

[Charlie emerges from his office, the corridor is full of junk]

Tina: Sunny?

Charlie: He isn’t in yet.

Tina: Isn’t he?

Charlie: No, and it’s already half past!

Last Scene/words

[Sunny leaves the hospital, pausing to look around.]

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