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Cas Series

S14 E12

S14 E12 (20 Nov 99) : Sins of the Mother by Jeff Povey

Episode Summary

A new nurse, Barney Wolfe, joins the shift. Almost immediately there becomes an element of rivalry between Adam and Barney, when Adam attempts a joke about Barney’s name. Later on in the shift, Barney and Adam help Holly treat a man, Mr Wainwright. He has an abscess on his neck that Holly thinks is caused by an insect bite. After further examination, they realise that the abscess is caused by a botfly – an insect that lays eggs inside people. When Mr Wainwright is told, he faints. The larva of the insect is removed and Adam names it “Barney the Botfly”.

Josh and Penny bring in a parachutist, Henry Cuttter, who has fractured his ankle. Later on in the episode, Holly is looking for fundraising ideas to raise money to decorate peads recus. Inspired by Mr Cutter, Penny suggests a parachute jump. Josh is horrified by the idea, but Tina and Barney are interested and enthusiastic, so Holly promises to organise it.

A farmer, Dave Dean, brings back some shopping to his house. A worker from his farm helps to take the shopping into the house. Dave’s wife Erica shouts at him for forgetting something. She then goes into the house, where she kisses the worker – Mark. They are having an affair. Later, Mark is working out in the fields with Dave. He starts feeling ill and loses control of the tractor he is driving, crashing into a nearby barn. He emerges unharmed, but then starts to be violently sick. The sick is purple. Meanwhile, Erica has returned to the shops, but has to pull over in her car. She has the same symptoms as Mark, and also starts being sick. They are both taken to A&E and are treated separately in recus. Max is treating Erica, and he realises that she must have been poisoned by some kind of herbicide. Holly is not aware of what is wrong with Mark, so asks Max for a second opinion. They realise that the patient’s conditions are related. Later, Erica’s husband comes in. His son is told of his mum’s condition and admits that he put poison in Mark’s drink as he saw Mark kissing his mum. He hadn’t expected his mum to drink from it too.

Susan Anderson is at home with her husband Paul. He is showing her how to make coffee when the postman arrives. He goes to the door and Susan burns her hand on the cooker. Paul takes her to A&E, and leaves her in reception. He goes back to his car and begins to cry. Meanwhile, Tina and Charlie realise that there is something else wrong with Susan apart from the burn on her hand. Holly and Charlie think that she may have dementia, despite her only being about 40. Paul comes back into the department, and when questioned he says that he doesn’t need any help in looking after Sue. He doesn’t want to accept that she has dementia. Charlie tries to persuade him to get help.

Max asks to see Duffy again. She is reluctant but he books tickets for a Mozart concert that night. Duffy is undecided over whether or not to go, but Max tells her that he can’t stop thinking about the previous night and urges her to make an excuse to her husband again. Later, Duffy asks Charlie about her job, and if she got it on merit. He tells her that he is able to separate professional from personal. Duffy can tell by the way he is looking at her that he somehow knows about her and Max, and lets Max know. Charlie asks to talk to Duffy again, and she says that she knows it is about her and Max. Charlie says that he thinks she is acting out of character and that she should stop what she is doing. Duffy angrily tells Charlie that he can’t run her life. However, Duffy later turns down the night out with Max, so he offers the tickets to Tina. Charlie tries to apologise to Duffy, and asks her to go with him for a coffee. She turns him down.


* Susan Anderson – Burn to hand

* Erica Dean – poisoning

* Mark Winstone – Poisoning

* Henry Cutter – Botfly had laid eggs inside his skin!

Henry Cutter – Fractured Ankle

First Scene/ words

Duffy is getting ready for work in the staffroom, taking care over her hair and makeup. Tina enters.

Tina: Oh, the traffic out there!….You look different!

Duffy: Do I?

Tina: Yeah, what have you done?

Duffy: Nothing!

Last Scene/ words

Charlie: I was just going for a cup of coffee. I wondered if you’d like to join me.

Duffy: I don’t think so.

Charlie: Look, I was out of order earlier on. It’s just because, because I care about you. But you know that already. Come on, my treat.

Duffy: Better not, Charlie, people might talk.

Episode Quotes

Adam: Barney, Excellent, like Barney Rubble!

Barney: Oh, never heard that one before mate! You should take up comedy….

_Duffy: You’ve figured it out, haven’t you? About me and Max.

Charlie: I think we know each other a bit to well, don’t we?

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