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Cas Series

S14 E11

S14 E11 (14 Nov 99) : Benny and the Vets (Part 2) by Chris Murray

Episode Summary

Duffy and Max are still kissing in Max’s office until Duffy realises what she is doing and where – and tells Max that they should stop. Max asks if she is cross with him but Duffy isn’t, she just doesn’t want anyone to find out what happened. Max asks Duffy when he can see her again. Later, Charlie approaches them and asks Duffy where she has been. Duffy looks shocked, but Max tells Charlie that he had been telling her that she’d got the job. Charlie tells Max that he had no business telling Duffy, as he’s in charge of the nurses in the department.

Mary talks to her mum. Her mum tells her that her cancer has not returned, despite what Benny, her husband, has told Mary. Mary tells her mum that she is sick of the impact her dad’s condition has on their family. Her mum explains that Benny’s obsessive-compulsive disorder is partly caused by her being ill. She says that Benny wants to keep the house free of germs to protect her.

Paramedics arrive at the laboratory where there has been an explosion. Patients are taken into A&E. Nat, the scientist, is taken into hospital. Jenny lies, saying she is his wife, and goes with him. She stays with him at the hospital whilst he is examined. Max tells her that although Nat’s body avoided the blast, and he was going to survive, he may have lost his sight. Later in the episode, Nat’s real wife, Martha, arrives. Jenny tells the truth about who she is and waits outside. Duffy sits with her, and Jenny tells her that nothing has ever happened between her and Nat, that they are soul mates but not partners. However, Jenny admits she wishes she had dated him whilst she had had the chance.

Benny’s arm is re-stitched, and Adam and Sean urge him to see a psychotherapist. He talks to his wife Beth, and she tells him that although she is not ill, he is still making her unhappy. She says that even though he is trying to make her life better, he’s just making it worse. She also urges him to see someone about his OCD. Benny tells her that he is sorry, and reaches out to take her hand. He pulls away, he can’t bear to touch her as he fears he might infect her and make her ill. At the end of the episode, the two walk out of the hospital. Benny agrees to see someone, and takes Beth’s hand.

Troy Milburn is brought into A&E. His condition is worsening. When in A&E, he is treated by Holly. She carries out a procedure called a lumbar puncture, drawing out some of his spinal fluid. The result shows that Troy probably has meningitis. Troy asks for his Dad. Holly asks Troy’s mum to call him. She doesn’t want to but Holly insists. Troy’s dad arrives, and initially he argues with his ex-wife. Later in the episode they make up, and both sit by Troy’s bedside when he is taken into intensive care.

Duffy treats a security guard with a minor cut from the laboratory explosion. He tells her that he thought the delivery man could have been involved in the explosion, but he wasn’t sure. As the man is about to leave, Duffy notices a small cut on his neck. She tells him it needs to be x-rayed to check for glass in the wound. Adam later looks at the X-rays, and notices a fracture in the security guard’s neck. He is told, and treated accordingly.

Clyde, who planted the bomb, is brought in. He is badly burnt but Tina recognises him as the man brought in earlier. She tells the rest of the team of his wishes – he doesn’t want to be treated with any drug or cream that has been tested on animals. They agree that they have to follow his wishes. His girlfriend Ronnie hears on the news that a delivery man was badly injured in the explosion. She realises that Clyde is hurt, and rushes to the hospital. She later discovers that Clyde has died, as his injuries were so severe.

Duffy and Max do not get the chance to talk much during the shift, but Max suggests that they meet up that night. Duffy does not give him an answer, but later rings up her husband and tells him that she is going to be working all night due to the explosion. After the phone call she looks guilty. Max walks into admin, and she smiles at him.

Sean’s granddad is in the department waiting to go to the cemetery with Sean. He talks to Fin, revealing how he had fought in both world wars, and is saddened when he still sees people setting off bombs today. He takes found the Remembrance Day collection box. Fin is moved by Sean’s grandfather has told him about the war, and decides to organise a minute’s silence. At 3pm, the department falls silent, but the sobs of Ronnie can be heard from recus, where she is saying goodbye to Clyde.


* Troy Milburn; suspected meningitis

* Security Guard; minor cuts and fractured neck

* Nat Best; minor cuts and damage to the eyes

* Benny Jenkins; cut to lower arm that needed re-stitching.

First Scene/ words

Duffy and Max are kissing.

Duffy: Wait….

Max: What?

Duffy: Not here, not like this.

Max: Where? Like what?

Duffy: Max, come on!

Max: No one’s going to come in.

Duffy: Max, please.

He helps her up from the desk.

Last Scene/ words

Max comes through from reception, and stands by the door, looking at Duffy. She turns round, and he smiles at her. She looks back, then smiles too.

Notable Facts

* Susan Cookson plays Julie Day.


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