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Cas Series

S12 E22

S12 E22 (31 Jan 98) : Love Me Tender by Tony Lindsay

Episode Summary

Tina walks into work quietly in the early morning. Sunny and Amy are chatting by the reception desk about Amy’s date with Keith the night before. As Tina walks in Amy calls her over and gives her some victim support leaflets. Tina snatches them and walks towards the Staff Room. Charlie tells Eve to go easy on her, but Eve says Tina should have taken the day off. The department isn’t busy, and the staff are playing cricket with various pieces of equipment. George tries to talk to Richard when he drops the ball in cricket. He snaps at her that he’s fine. Charlie stops the cricket game and asks Sam to look in on Tina. Tina’s in the staff room when Sam walks in. He tries to cheer her up and talk to her but she walks away.

Ted Stoakes, an Elvis impersonator, walks in with chest pains. He thinks he’s having a heart attack. Charlie and Eve take him to a cubicle. Richard is trying to treat Ted but he keeps singing Love Me Tender. Richard says his heart is fine, and that it’s probably indigestion. Mark questions him and asks him to order a chest X ray. They argue about it in the corridor. Mark asks George to have a look at Ted. George thinks Marks diagnosis might be right. Richard walks in on George and Mark examining Ted and tells them he’s requested the Chest X ray. George tells Mark that Richard has the matter in hand and not to ask her next time. He snaps back and she tells him he can’t change the past. Ted is still singing when Alice walks in to see him, dressed in a native American outfit. She’s worried about him but when she finds out there’s nothing wrong with his heart she’s angry at him and blames his lifestyle before storming out. Mark talks to Alice as she cries in reception. She says she only dresses up for him, but he only ever loved his wife. Alice tells Mark she can’t deal with it anymore, she wants Ted, not Elvis. Richard tells Ted that he has a perforated ulcer and he’ll need surgery. He tells Mark that he should enjoy his humble pie. Alice goes to see Ted and tells him she’s leaving, he calls her back and apologises. Ted gives Mark his wig and tells him to get rid of it. He tells Alice he’ll stop.

Sam tells Sunny that he’s found a flatmate, and he’ll be moving out as soon as he can.

Baz arrives at work with a hangover. Baz says she called Charlie last night, but he was out. Charlie tells her he was at the Laundrette and is very short with Baz about going out and getting drunk the night before. Zoe walks into Charlie’s office and tells him she had fun the night before. As they kiss Baz walks in and sees them.Charlie goes to see Baz in her office, she’s crying and says she’s leaving the shift early. He tells her that they can’t leave it like this and that he and Zoe are just friends. Baz doesn’t say anything and he yells at her to listen. He says it isn’t all his fault and that if she was so upset why did she go out and celebrate. Baz says she didn’t, she went home and got drunk.

Karen Sunderland is brought in with her boyfriend Mike, he says she was mugged. Eve tells Mike to go with Tina, as she wants to spare her from treating Karen. Baz and Eve work on Karen but as soon as she finds out where she is she tries to leave. Mike and Tina are in the relatives room. He’s asking about Karen and getting worked up, Tina tells him to calm down but he keeps yelling. Tina leaves him alone. Tina offers to clean Karen up before they plaster her wrist. Karen tells Tina she doesn’t want to go to the police. Tina says how you hear al sorts of horror stories, how they ask all sorts of questions, treating the victim like it’s their fault. Amy asks Sunny to take a cup of tea to Mike in the Relatives Room. At the window he sees it’s Mike and runs to find Karen. He storms into her cubicle and starts yelling at her, telling her to go to the police. Tina defends her and Sunny yells at her that just because she didn’t report her attack doesn’t mean Karen is. Eve gets Sunny to leave, but he yells that Karen’s his sister. Tina walks out of the cubicle and Eve asks if she’s OK, but Tina just snaps at her. Tina goes to talk to Mike. She says there’s no point him hanging around to wait for Karen. She’s about to leave when he starts crying, Tina goes over and sits with him.

Sunny is with Karen. He yells at her for always going back to Mike when he hits her. Sam tells them to calm down but Sunny just walks away. Tina tells Mike that Sunny’s with Karen now, and that Karen can’t really remember the attack. Mike snaps when he hears that Sunny works at the hospital. He charges at Tina and grabs her round her neck. She screams at him to get off her and Sunny runs in and throws Mike to the ground. Tina runs out of the room while Mike tells Sunny that he can’t touch him and runs out of the room, Sunny and Sam chase after him. Eve asks Tina to take Karen to the Ladies toilets. Tina takes her but as can’t go in with her. As soon as she sees the room next to the toilet, where Edmund raped her she breaks down and runs back. Leaving Karen there. Later Eve finds Karen struggling to get back from the toilets and helps her to her cubicle. Sam is still chasing Sunny, who’s caught up with Mike. Sunny lunges at Mike and Sam tries to hold him back but Mike says Karen got in touch with him, she loves him. Sunny goes to see Karen. He asks her if she called Mike. When she refuses to reply he has her answer. She tells Sunny that Mike wants to change, she loves him. Sunny begs her to leave him and come home but she won’t.

Josh and Penny are talking about a charity football match he’s organising to buy a TV for Liam’s children’s home. Penny asks to play on his team but Josh tells her she can’t; she’s a girl. In the end he says she can be a sub.

Sam and Mike are talking; Mike says he just wants to shut Karen up sometimes. He just loses control if she wears clothes he doesn’t approve of. Mike says he wants to tell Karen he loves her but then she lies to him and he can’t. Mike tells Sam it’s like a black cloud he can’t see through, it’s like its someone else hitting her. Then when he sees what he’s done he’s ashamed and disgusted with himself. He loves her, but he doesn’t deserve her. Sam and Mike walk back to the hospital. Sam says he can’t let Mike back in, and Mike walks away. Sam finds Sunny and tells him that Mike’s gone. Sunny says it doesn’t matter. Karen doesn’t want to see him again. Sam goes into see Karen and tells her Mike’s gone now, but that Sunny loves her and doesn’t want to loose her. He tells her that Mike needs help now. Sunny follows Sam in and apologises to Karen. She says she’s sorry too, she wants to go home. They hug as Sam watches.

Tina’s in the staff room gathering all her things when Eve walks in. She asks what she’s doing and Tina tells her she’s leaving – it’s not safe. Eve is confused and tries to talk to her but Tina just snaps. Eve keeps trying but Tina shows her the Victim Support leaflets and says that’s why. They take everything away and make you a victim. Eve asks what happened on the night she was attacked. Tina can’t answer and instead grabs her stuff and tries to leave but Eve won’t let her go. Tina yells at her to let her past but Eve demands she tells her what happened and eventually Tina breaks down and admits she was raped. Eve is stunned and hugs her. Tina begins to tell Eve about her rape, how she couldn’t breath, couldn’t see. She thought someone would find them, but no one did. He said he’d kill her, but she couldn’t believe it was happening to her. She tried to fight and scream but she couldn’t. She thought she was dying and kept asking herself why did he pick on her? Eve hugs Tina as she tries to reassure her. As they sit in the Staff Room Tina blames herself and Eve realises she knew her rapist. Tina says he was her patient and that it happened in the room by the ladies toilets. Eve tells her it wasn’t her fault. Tina is tired and Eve offers to let her stay with her for a few days. She says she just has to clear it with Charlie. Tina’s upset that she lied to them all and asks Eve to tell Charlie. Eve takes Tina in to see Charlie, and tells him.

Charlie leaves them in his office while he tells the staff. He calls them all into Admin and once they are all there he breaks the news about Tina’s rape. Everyone is stunned and Mark lashes out at Elliott, saying it was Tina who always wanted better security before he storms off. Josh and Penny offer to take her home and Charlie asks Elliott to get the security tapes. Elliott finds the tape but the quality isn’t very good, the tape’s useless. Elliott snaps when he sees it and throws the videos around. Charlie asks Elliott to go for the counselling but Elliott just walks away.

Amy, Penny, Richard and the others are talking. Amy can’t believe that Tina’s been carrying it around all that time. They all talk about it, still shell shocked. Josh tells Penny she can play on his team. Tina and Eve walk out of Charlie’s office. Sam and Amy hug Tina and the team gather around her, they walk to the ambulance and Penny helps Eve and Tina in. Eve promises to help Tina get through it.


* Ted Stokes, Elvis impersonator with chest pains. – diagnosed as peritonitis.

* Karen Sunderland, Sunny’s sister – who has been attacked by her boyfriend Mike, fractured ribs and wrists

First Scene/words

Tina walks into work somberly, in reception;

Sunny : Come on then Amy, did Keith take down your particulars last night or what? come on tell me..

Amy : (laughs) Well if anyone tells you that a policeman’s lot is not a happy one, don’t listen to them!

Sunny : Amy, Amy Howard!

Last Scene/words

Tina in ambulance with Eve;

Tina : What am I going to do?

Eve : You’re gonna get through this, alright? I promise you, and I’m going to help you, alright? (Charlie closes ambulance, and it drives off)

Notable Facts

* Angela Lonsdale plays Karen Sunderland.

* Edmund White raped Tina

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