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Cas Series

S18 E12

S18 E12 (22 Nov 03) : Second Best by Gregory Evans & Julie Greary

Episode Summary

Charlie is on his way to the airport to meet his son, Louis, and ex-wife Baz when he sees his father-in-law, Kenneth Samuels, leaving the hospital. He discovers that Kenneth has lung cancer, with very little time left to live, and Kenneth accidentally tells him that Baz has remarried, all of which saddens him. When Charlie meets Baz, things are awkward between them and Baz says that she wanted to tell him about the marriage face to face and not over the phone. Breaking the news about Kenneth’s illness is not easy either and Baz, reasonably, is rather upset about it. Charlie is even more uncomfortable when Baz’s new husband, Dan Wilder, turns up at the hospital. Baz blames Charlie of being paranoid when he thinks that Louis called Dan ‘dad’. Later, when leaving the hospital Charlie says that he could take care of Louis for a couple of days over Christmas. Baz, all of a sudden, suggests that he could take Dan with him, so that Charlie would get to know him and Louis could see that the two of them get on well, but Charlie seems less enthusiastic about spending time with Dan.

Dean and Sarah Forster and in church getting married, when Dean’s 17-year-old son Jason turns up. Dean and Jason start arguing and Dean accidentally fall over, hitting his head. While Dean’s got everyone’s attention Jason runs away with the baby in his arms, but after leaving the baby in a rubbish bin for a while he comes to his senses and goes to his mother with the baby. Meanwhile, in church, Fin and Comfort have come to take Dean into hospital and they realise that Jason and the baby have gone missing. Comfort says that their baby has been abducted by a drunken teenager and Fin blames her for making it worse and suggests she should tell them about her first hand experience. Dean does not want the Police to find out about it, saying that Jason will go to prison this once. It is, however, not up to him in the end and when Jason and his mother are about to leave the house to take the baby to hospital, a couple of policemen are waiting outside their front door. Jason escapes, but since he thinks his father phoned the Police, he sets his father’s garage on fire for revenge. Sarah and Jason’s mother have an arguement in front of Dean, who gets a heart attack, but luckily he soon feels much better.

Ethan “Hollinshead” comes into the ED with face covered in blood – he has been trying to cut his head with a drill. Abs realises that he is using a fake name and after admitting that his real name is Ethan Sanderson he explains how being on Lithium made him feel horrible and that he does not want to be on any medication for his depression. He was trying to releave the pressure in his head, but then the drill burnt. Abs has a chat with Ethan’s girlfriend and she convinces him to go to an appointment with a psychologist seeing as there might be other drugs that could help him.

A pleasant surprise awaits Jim when Harry offers him the position of paediatric specialist. Jim, later, is in an ecstatic mood when he after a lot of searching finds Nikki, who finally accepts his proposal after a heart-to-heart with Josh. Jim gets the attention of everyone in reception and happily introduces them to the future Mrs James Brodie. Even though Bex had been feeling rough all day and been running to the toilet every five minutes, she announces that they will go out to celebrate this. Comfort agrees to come with them – much to Fin’s disappointment.

Tally, however, is less fortunate in the love department. Though she has tirelessly tried to win Simon back, he cruelly announces that they are over. Tally storms out of the hospital and Harry follows. Harry says that Simon is so very wrong for her, but Tally says that she does not care and that she still wants him, however badly he has treated her.

Harry’s luck is not much better – Lara admits his flirtatious behaviour has made her feel uncomfortable and is not interested in anything more than friendship. Harry agrees that he does not want their friendship to be ruined, but he looks quite disappointed.


Ethan Sanderson – a man with mental problems, has cut his head with a drill

Dean Forster – hits his head and gets heart problems on his wedding

Sean Forster – Dean’s young baby that has a bit of a temperature

Kenneth Samuels – Baz’s father, trouble breathing, lung cancer

First Scene/words

[Sarah and Dean Forster are in church, getting married. Some pictures are taken of them and their young son, Sean.]

Last Scene/words

Baz: He’s a big part of Louis’ life. Of my life too. And it’s really important to me that the two of you get on. I don’t want Louis torn by divided loyalties, stuck in the middle between you and Dan.

Charlie: Neither do I.

Baz: It would be good for your sake too. You don’t wanna feel that the man that is bringing up your son is a stranger. You’re a great dad, Charlie. Louis is lucky to have you.

[Baz starts walking away, with Dan holding one arm on her shoulders and holding Louis’ hand with his his other one.]

Guide by Karin.


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